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9' Loft Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $15393.00

(save 30%)


12' Loft Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $16193.00

(save 30%)


14' Loft Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $18476.00

(save 30%)


16' Loft Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $20851.00

(save 30%)


18' Loft Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $22454.00

(save 30%)

Loft Shuffleboard Tables

California House's Loft Shuffleboard Table is an original design that showcases how decades of experience making game tables pays off in the end. Its take on the modern-industrial style gives it an atmosphere of bold attitude without making the room seem overly serious. Not only does the leg support framework appear fantastic, its structure adds in extra stability and balance.

Each component of your shuffleboard needs to be made using the best materials possible. The cradle and connective framework below are carved from strong, solid hardwoods. A shuffleboard's playfield is likely the most precious part of the table as a whole. California House translates this fact into their 2.25" thick fields, constructed from grooved American Beechwood blocks, moving away from most other manufacturers, most of whom continue to prefer industry-standard maple. A coating of signature, high-quality solid polymer resins lies on top of the playfield to maximize longevity and durability.

There are many manufacturers who will allow you to customize different parts of their shuffleboards, but the number of combinations they offer is tiny in comparison to the many thousands of ways this table has in store for you. 27 wood finishes lie in wait for you to choose from. You can customize each of the alley walls, alley floors, and horsecollars to sport any of the over 100 fabric and leather selections California House has ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

To fit the desired dimensions of any gaming space, the Loft Shuffleboard Table is available in 9-foot, 12-foot, 14-foot, 16-foot, and 18-foot sizes.

California House takes pride in the fact that the materials and the City itself is made in the USA, with the genuine care that such a standard demands.