Shuffleboard Finishes: The Differences Between Shellac, Lacquer, Epoxy, and Polyurethane

A shuffleboard is an important purchase. Sizewise, it takes up a lot of room. Timewise, you expect your investment to last forever.

Therefore, before making that purchase, learn all you can about shuffleboards. How else will you know what type of shuffleboard is best for you? You’ll need to learn about differences in sizes, woods, and finishes. This article focuses on the various types of finishes available for coating shuffleboard tables. Each finish type has unique pros and cons.

Shuffleboard Playfield Finish

The Loft Table Shuffleboard by California House.

Overview of Shellac and Lacquer Finishes

Shuffleboard tables made during the early to mid-1900’s were made only from hardwoods, and were typically coated with shellac or lacquer. If you purchased an older table, you may wish to restore it to its original shellac or lacquer finish type. Shellac and lacquer tables can be hand sanded using a fine-grit sandpaper. Sanding strokes should be long and consistent. New shellac can then be applied.

Shellac is actually a natural product made from a secretion the female lac bug produces in order to form a cocoon-like tunnel to enable her to traverse tree branches. This resin is scraped from trees, processed into flakes or powder, and combined with an alcohol solvent.
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Hudson Shuffleboard Scoring Options

Shuffleboard is a game that can be used for recreation, but it is also a sport with international competitions. Playing against others sponsors interpersonal connections, friendships, and even (hopefully friendly) rivalries. While there are different ways to play shuffleboard, all of them rely upon some sort of scoring system.
From simple methods like jotting points down on a paper, we have come into an age of shuffleboard which integrates more advanced options. Hudson Shuffleboards is one of the leading providers in offering quality gameplay on fields unique to the person ordering it.

Custom Playfield Option

Before even getting into the actual ways to keep score, first let us observe some of the ways that Hudson’s team of shuffleboard craftsmen let you customize your play by going beyond the deuce and the trey. With a customized playfield, you’re able to add more scoring lines to add complexity and enjoyment to your game experience. Some find that adding 5-mark squares in the corners for tricky plays preferable, while others stick to the traditional settings.

Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it, and the team at Hudson Shuffleboards has you covered. Their hallmark devotion to improving the experience of their customers is clearly shown by their offering of custom shuffleboard table playfield options. View all custom shuffleboard tables here.

Shuffleboard lines for score scoring

Standard line set-up

Custom shuffleboard playfield with four scoring lines

Custom field with an extra line and scoring zone

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How to get Kids to Put Down their Phones: Shuffleboard!

Kids love shuffleboard. It’s just a fact, and everybody knows it. No sooner do kids spot a shuffleboard, they’re playing with it. For parents frustrated by the fact that their child’s nose is constantly a few inches from the phone, investing in a shuffleboard table can be the key to getting a child to, “Put down that cell phone!”

Social Interaction

Have you ever seen a room full of kids sitting together, but not interacting, because they are all on their phones? A shuffleboard will act like a magnet to get them up and playing together. The game encourages social interaction, team strategizing, and instantly creates a fun atmosphere. What’s more, the game will foster relationships between young and old, since all ages can play the game.

Improved Eye-Hand Coordination

When they first play shuffleboard, the inclination of most children is to whack the puck as hard as possible. They quickly learn that, in order to keep the puck from falling off the edge, so they can win the game, they must rein in their energy. The game of shuffleboard helps them to finesse movements, develop precision, and ultimately improves eye-hand coordination.
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Picking the Best Shuffleboard Table for your Bar

Shuffleboard tables are one of the best investments you can make when deciding the layout of your bar’s entertainment area. After its comeback in the late 80s, shuffleboard has rapidly gained ground, especially in drinking establishments. The increased popularity of the game brought with it a surge of manufacturers that wanted to enter into the market.

They soon realized that the game tables for indoor shuffleboarding could be changed and modified to fit different needs and user bases. Size and materials could be combined and switched to be made perfect for bars, pubs, professional tournament spaces, and even in the average home.

To sort through the tables available on the market and select the ideal shuffleboard table for your bar, keep your price range, size, and structural materials in mind.

Pristine View from the End of a Shuffleboard

Imagine letting your patrons have this beautiful view – By Chris Pimlott (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

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A Tour at Hudson Shuffleboard Headquarters

Showroom at Hudson Headquarters

Hudson Shuffleboard Facility Visit

The name “Hudson” rings a bell in everyone’s mind in the shuffleboard community but what you might not know is the power, passion, and respect that comes vitally linked to the Hudson name. At, we have a great history of close partnership with the makers of the high quality Hudson Shuffleboard Tables, but it was not until recently that we had come to truly and personally understand the depth and emotional connection the employees at Hudson pour into each and every one of their products.



Starting at the very core of each table lie the raw materials that support the end results’ greatness. Hudson doesn’t take any shortcuts, beginning their tasks with 100% All-American domestic wood, which is then taken in by dedicated artisans, well skilled in their trade. It was mesmerizing. The focus granted to the refined details is painstakingly given; no inch was left unattended or unobserved. The words we have presented you with in the past, speaking of the perfection of their hand carved tables were proven irrevocably true; perhaps even falling short.


Will Hudson: Founder of Hudson Shuffleboards

No one speaks with integrity and determination quite like the owner of Hudson Shuffleboards, Will Hudson. Not only does he work hard to appoint employees with great talent, he oversees the fashioning of each wooden creation that leaves the fold. He believes in hard work and steadfast attentiveness, giving each of his tables the tender love and care that only a master craftsman and a proud father can understand.
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Shuffleboard Pro-Tips: What about Thickness?


One of the most important things a shuffleboard expert should keep an eye out for is the thickness of the playing field. Serious players will begin to notice that even the most reliable boards will get dents and dings after repeated victories.

The disks sliding along the sand, the sound of the weights on the glass gives each player that satisfying feeling that can only come from a well-kept playing field. The thickness of a shuffleboard has a major consequence on the upkeep of your field and the enjoyment of your game.

Bennet Shuffleboard Table

The Bennet Shuffleboard Table – $8,288.00

When buying…

It’s important to understand the labels or descriptions of the shuffleboard tables that you’re buying. There are a few qualities that are almost always present. One aspect that you should really be looking for whenever you’re searching for the perfect model is the thickness of the wooden slabs.

HANDY FACT: The most contemporary shuffleboard tables have a thickness of 3”, which is a pretty good number to take as a rule of thumb.
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Product Spotlight: Metro Shuffleboard by Hudson

Made by Hudson, the Metro Shuffleboard Table is a sleek and contemporary addition to any game room or office. If you’re looking to modernize any space and bring table shuffleboard back into the spotlight where it belongs, the Metro Shuffleboard Table will be the perfect fit for you.

Hudson Metro Shuffleboard Table

The Hudson Metro Shuffleboard table is available in 9 foot – 12 foot sizes for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Metro Shuffleboard has been one of the several key names in shuffleboard all over the world. With a long-standing experience in customer service and quality client satisfaction, Hudson has created a one-of-a-kind and timeless product in the Metro Shuffleboard Table. Continue reading

Tips on Where to Place a Shuffleboard Table

Knowing where to place and how much room you need for your furniture is a crucial part in maintaining a stylish designed home. Tabletop gamers, for example, must arrange furniture to make their playing space a focus or accessory to a room. If you’re a shuffleboard player, you must carefully plan out the spacing and location of your table to make it aesthetically pleasing yet practical so you have enough room for normal game play.

Shuffleboard table pucks close up

Photography courtesy regan76

How Big Are Shuffleboard Tables?

The average shuffleboard table is generally between 16 and 20 inches wide, allowing players to stand comfortably at each end. As for length, the table can range from between 9 to 22 feet in length. Not to mention the additional room needed for players to stand on the ends and walk around the table.
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5 Must-Have Shuffleboard Accessories

So you bought yourself a shuffleboard table but you’re looking to enhance your playing experience. Maybe you’re a beginner and only have your basic table and pucks. Maybe you’re a pro focused on the finer details of game play. Regardless of your skill level, there are accessories every player must have to improve their game.

1. Scoring Mechanism

Whether you prefer the classic abacus scorer or a modern digital counter, visually keeping track of your win is a convenient way to reflect your points. Adding a scoring mechanism to your shuffleboard table is one of the easiest ways to make you feel like a pro in a tournament. There are a variety of options when it comes to scoring mechanism.

Abacus Scorers

Abacus Scorers – $59.00

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