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Shuffleboard Reviews

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Anthony D, about 18' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Please tell your shuffleboard table carvers I said Thank You, I received and set up my table yesterday. In all it was 1-1/2 week delivery. Can't beat those 'made to order' tables.

Ben, about 22' Grand Hudson Deluxe Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

John, thank you for all of your follow up and execution. I will recommend you highly over the years to anyone it will listen. Best regards

Valerie, about 9' Cherry Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Hi John - The new table is perfect! Thank you so much for all of your help.

Buyer, about 12' Extera Outdoor Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Nov 30, 2017

Easy assembly. Solid construction. Perfect for non-airconditioned room like garage. Plays well just like wood surface.

thomas Lovay, about Triple Crown Brown Ice Shuffleboard Powder - 12 Pack

Dec 1, 2017

I thought the wax would be faster. It doesnt seem that fast.

Brian, about Set of 8 Alumi Cap Venture Shuffleboard Weights Confirmed Purchase

Dec 26, 2017

Weights are awesome! Thank you very much! Everyone loves them!

Jason, about 14' Georgetown Espresso Shuffleboard Confirmed Purchase

Jan 3, 2018

Great shuffleboard at a great price. It was much easier to move upstairs once unpacked from the crate. We have used it multiple times already and know it will be a welcome addition to our game room for years to come. Getting the climate adjusters adjusted took some doing, and many of the washers and nuts had fallen off during shipping.

Jason, about Triple Crown White Ice Shuffleboard Powder - 12 Pack Confirmed Purchase

Jan 3, 2018

Wow... definitely makes things much more of a challenge. We like it, but it takes adjusting to the faster speed.

Greg Travelstead, about Deluxe PU Leather Shuffleboard Cover for 9-22 Foot Tables Confirmed Purchase

Apr 3, 2018

this is a very nice cover and fits the table nicely

Linda Starkey, about 9' Cherry Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Jun 28, 2018

Beautiful table! Quality is really nice! Very happy with the products you offer
only suggestion..please offer a less expensive option for assistance beyond curbside delivery service

Julie Adele LaForest, about Set of 8 Alumi Cap Venture Shuffleboard Weights Confirmed Purchase

Dec 13, 2018

These weights are awesome! Our senior participants rave about the quality!

Stephen Copps, about 9' Grand Deluxe Sport Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Mar 8, 2019

Fantastic table! Very user friendly as far as making adjustments with the leg levelers and climatic adjusters, and really nice looking. I was a bit worried that it was going to feel really short playing on a 9 footer, but it is super fun and actually introduces a bit more strategy. Would definitely recommend this table if you've always wanted one but have limited space.

jeff torretto, about 12' Extera Outdoor Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Jun 24, 2019

They do not kid you when they say its heavy. But that is a great thing. The table is stable and easy to level. The cover is great. Cant believe how nice it plays. Ive only played on wood but the polymer plays great too. Would highly recommend.

jeff torretto, about Playcraft Premium Shuffleboard Weights (Set of 8) Confirmed Purchase

Jun 24, 2019

These are great. They are a little bigger for elderly users and they are true. Happy I purchased them

Tracey Chlapowski, about 14' Beaumont Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Aug 6, 2019

Beautiful piece; great service from order to delivery.

Russell N Koeppen, about 12' Georgetown Cherry ShuffleBoard Table Confirmed Purchase

Dec 2, 2019

very professional smooth from the opening phone call to the order to follow ups to delivery a-1 first class treatment. great job guys i luv my table thank u so much sincerly russell koeppen

Robert W Sealby, about 12' Georgetown Cherry ShuffleBoard Table Confirmed Purchase

Jan 27, 2020

We received our 12' Georgetown Cherry Shuffleboard in perfect condition. Other than being heavy, set up and installation was simple but does require a minimum of 3 people because of the weight of the table. The table is gorgeous and very solid. Our friends and kids love it. We are very pleased with our table.

Kelsey Thompson, about 14' Cherry Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Jul 26, 2020

The table is really nice but the wood around the table and the legs don’t match because it’s not all real wood. This is super disappointing because in the picture everything matched and now every time we look at it we see a cherry finish on part and a light pinkish color on the rest.

Diane, about 12' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard Table

Sep 3, 2020

We purchased the Hudson Deluxe 12' shuffleboard table. It is an absolutely beautiful well made table. Shuffleboard.net was great to work with, they answered all our questions and could be easily reached. We highly recommend Hudson shuffleboard for the shuffleboard that fits your needs.

Ronald Wing, about 9' Cherry Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Sep 22, 2020

Everything about the table is great. It looks great, plays great. It arrived on time, and the delivery guy put it in my garage. It took about 45 minutes to set up. The only missing piece was the knob on the storage door. It plays great and it looks great in our living room. I'm very happy with the table and would definitely buy it again, if needed.

Jack Roberson, about Set of 8 Alumi Cap Venture Shuffleboard Weights Confirmed Purchase

Oct 20, 2020

I really like the way that they are consistent on the table - seem to slide smoother than some other more highly priced weights. Criticisms: cannot add amll weights to them since the caps are not threaded for such - and the caps have to be consistently tightened

Jone Howard, about 12' Honey Oak Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Jan 19, 2021

We are waiting delivery of our shuffleboard and will happily update my review then. But in the meantime I can’t say enough about the customer service John Adams has provided us. He’s been so helpful and knowledgeable. I don’t believe we would have gone through with the purchase I’d he hadn’t been at the other end of the call. He has responded quickly to every question and concern. Most appreciated.

Jim Lewis, about 12' Cherry Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Feb 9, 2021

Very nice quality, having a lot of fun with the new shuffleboard.

Joshua Owens, about 16' Espresso Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table Confirmed Purchase

Feb 9, 2021

Do NOT Purchase! Every single part of the manufacturing and assembly process were done with complete carelessness. There were multiple indentions on the playing surface. Two of the Three legs had cracks running all the way down the leg making the whole table vulnerable to crumble at the slightest pressure. Nails and screws were off their marks causing splitting in the wood throughout the entire board. There were multiple scratches all over the board, legs and playing surface. The lines and numbers painted on the surface were not straight or even. I was told the damages should not effect how the board plays. Yes, they literally said indentions on the playing surface of a shuffleboard table would not impact how the board plays... They also told me that I shouldn't expect damage free, scratch free, indention free, wood free of splits, or straight lines painted on "a board of this level". My reply was that no matter the "level" people do not want to purchase damaged items from a manufacturer who lacks any care in the quality of their work. I didn't expect flawless, but I certainly did not expect to see nails and screws under the board that were sticking out because they were not put in straight or to have cracked wood all along my board. They did send me two replacement legs for the ones that were damaged with cracks/splits in the wood down the legs which are to support the weight of the board. It is a heavy board. Would you believe that the legs they sent to replace the original damaged legs were more severely damaged than the ones they were replacing? Well, they were. I am now waiting for the 2nd set of replacement legs and hoping to get the first thing that is not damaged from this manufacturer. I ordered this table on 11/10/2020 and it was delivered on 12/14/2020. I have had nothing but delays and excuses as to why they can't/won't replace the damaged surface. I was told the scratches on the wood throughout the board should not be easily seen when the board is next to a wall. I was told I would get a 22% refund of the purchase price to keep the board as is and get new damaged free replacement legs. After dealing with this consistently for two months, I hope I can soon get the replacement legs and just move passed this horrible experience. After seeing how much my family will actually play on the board, it is very likely that we will order a new board from another company made by a different manufacturer. We got the 16 foot and it turns out that a 20 foot would fit just fine and leave plenty of playing room on both ends.

Find Another Manufacturer, Do NOT Purchase anything made by Woodbridge.