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11 Foot Shuffleboard Tables

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11' Legacy Shuffleboard Table

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11' Rustic Shuffleboard Table

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11 Foot Shuffleboard Tables

One shuffleboard table size that is not so easy to find sometimes is the 11' shuffleboard tables. It seems like a common size, but 11' is considered a rare or uncommon size when it comes to shuffleboard tables. At Shuffleboard.net, we are dedicated to our customers, which is why we continually update our catalogue to include specialty pieces and sizes.

Shuffleboard tables, like other furniture pieces, are sized according to the space around them. To play shuffleboard properly you need at least 2' of space around each side of the table. This allows players to comfortably move as they shoot and score. Learn more about shuffleboard spacing and sizing on our blog.
Space is often a luxury, especially in today's busy family homes.  This makes the 11' shuffleboard table a compromise between the 9' shuffleboard tables common for home use and larger commercial  tables. Your empty basement, second living area, or converted garage will make an excellent game room! If you live in an open concept home, an 11' shuffleboard table will look better than a smaller table or a much longer table. It's all about balance. When purchasing multiple shuffleboard tables for a bar or community center, 11' tables may look and fit the best.  

Did you know that shuffleboard length is part of what makes the game a fun, challenging sport? For experienced shuffleboard players, standard 9' shuffleboard tables do not always offer enough challenge. 11' offers a bit more of a challenge for new and experienced shuffleboard players alike. Build up your shooting skills with a longer, sleeker table. Set up a friends and family tournament with your new 11' shuffleboard table.

Need even more of a challenge? We even carry unique shuffleboards up to 22'! Explore our full collection for ideas and inspiration. Shuffleboard.net is proud to offer the best prices on high quality shuffleboards for everyone!