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Shuffleboard Resources

Shuffleboard Rules
Shuffleboard is a great game to play with friends, family, or even strangers. This is the place to go to learn not just the traditional way to play, but other fun variations. Horse collar features a higher endgame score and a different way to win, which shakes up the traditional strategy. Crazy Eight is a more gambling friendly version with different penalties and different ways to score. Make sure you master the basics before trying these versions. For the aspiring tournament player, you will also find complete official tournament rules.

        Knock off
        Horse Collar
        Crazy Eight
        Tournament Rules

Shuffleboard History
Where did shuffleboard come from? Where did it get its fame? The answers to all these questions and more can be found in our comprehensive shuffleboard history. These are great details to drop while you are playing with friends. Being a history buff on something specific is a great skill to have for parties or gatherings. You can also learn about shuffleboard’s official establishments and their hall-of-famers. Every player should know these things!

Shuffleboard FAQs
Every player starts somewhere. If you have any questions at all, check out our FAQ for information first. You will be surprised to find that a lot of people have the same questions you do. For beginners, you will find basic game information. For shuffleboard table owners, you can find out how to care for your table. Do you know what kind of wax to use? What materials are tables made out of, and how do you care for them? If you have these questions, we have answers.

Shuffleboard Materials
Buying a new table can be intimidating. Quality tables are an investment, so make sure you find a table made from the right materials. We offer only the best, carefully selected tables, but you should know what it means for tables to be made from different woods. At Shuffleboard.net, we know the best shopping experiences are when people have the best information available. We welcome you to explore our entire resource center.

Refinishing Shuffleboard
Nothing can escape old age, not even the best made shuffleboard tables. Do not risk increased damage to your valuable table by letting other damages to go untreated. Refinishing is a great way to repair a shuffleboard table. Not all tables require this, though. Modern shuffleboard tables often feature durable polymer coating that eliminates the need to refinish a table. Just remember to wax it to prevent scuffs and scratching. If you do need to refinish a table, make sure you are up to the task, or hire a professional.

Reparing Shuffleboard Poured Polymer Playfield
Here is do it yourself way to fix damaged playfield. Prepare the damaged area by removing all dust and dirt as per the epoxy instructions. If the damage is on an edge or a corner it will be necessary to build a frame to hold in the epoxy as shown on the right.

Where to play shuffleboard
Get out and get playing! Find great places to play shuffleboard near you. Not everywhere lists that they have shuffleboard tables, but our list provides you with the names and locations of establishments that do. Discover a new place to hang out and play one of the nation’s favorite table games. You might discover one in your neighborhood you did not even know about. If you know a place that is not listed, please contact us and we will be sure to mention it.

Shuffleboard Table Reviews
Read shuffleboard table reviews submitted by past customers of shuffleboard.net. You can also call us and we will explain differences between each tables.

Buy Shuffleboard
We offer a huge selection of top-notch shuffleboard tables and accessories. You can shop by size or table type. You are sure to find a table that meets your needs. Our detailed descriptions and easy to read layout help you make the right choice. At Shuffleboard.net, we want to help you make informed decisions to get the product that is right for you. We offer almost every sized table in over a dozen different finishes. Find a table you will love today!

Shuffleboard.net Blog
Shuffleboard.net Blog is all about shuffleboard tables including shuffleboard rules, where to play, how to choose the best shuffleboard