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Shop By Size

Shop Shuffleboard by Size

Shop Shuffleboard by Size

Not everyone knows exactly what they want when they shop for shuffleboard tables, but most people probably know where they would like to put it. Knowing what size space you have available allows you to better select the right shuffleboard table dimensions. Using this information can help you narrow a lot of choices into some realistic options. While we are proud of our wide selection of quality shuffleboard tables, we understand that letting you shop by shuffleboard size is one of the best ways to focus your options.

Our 9 foot, and 12 foot tables are great small sized tables that are easy to fit in smaller spaces. They are also great for public settings where you would rather have more tables in one space than just a couple of large tables. These tables are perfect for the home because they easily fit in almost any room. Just because they are shorter does not mean that these tables are anything to laugh at. Some of the top notch manufacturers make shuffleboard tables in this dimensions, and it is a serious option for players who want to save a little space.

The 14 foot and 16 foot shuffleboard sizes are great mid-range sizes that can fit in homes, bars, and recreation centers with a little more space to spare. These tables strike a nice balance between our smallest and largest. The longer size means you can afford to use faster waxes than other shorter tables. Its size means that it can fit in more places than a regulation 22 foot table.

For the dedicated player looking for near-regulation 18 foot or 20 foot table, or a regulation sized 22 foot shuffleboard we offer a large selection of long shuffleboard tables. These tables are great for practicing regulation table shuffleboard. Experienced players can afford to use the fastest waxes on these tables. If your bar or recreation center is planning on hosting a tournament, a regulation sized table is a must if you want to be taken seriously. These are not only great tables for playing, their grandeur and high quality materials make them beautiful pieces of furniture.

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