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Shuffleboard owes its roots to a game played way back in fifteenth century England. This game was known shove groat or slide groat. A groat was a large coin used in those days with a value close to four pence of today. People used to play the game by shoving the groat across a table. After a few days, people began to use a silver penny instead of the groat and the game came to be known as shovel penny or slide penny. This game was played by people of ages across the country houses of England. Shuffleboard table was a very popular sport even back during the days of the Founding Fathers. The English soldiers and the colonies liked the game alike and many matches and tournaments were held.

Shuffleboard is very popular even today. Table shffleboard has many different game rules. Even though the game was invented close to five hundred years ago, you can still find it has an avid following. The reason for this is the game itself. Very few games can match up to the pleasure of playing a good shuffleboard game. The strategies needed to overcome an opponent and the guile needed to achieve victory makes this game a favorite in recreation rooms. The entire game and the playing apparatus have a very ornate and decorative appearance. The format can involve a large group of players keeping each of them completely involved and engrossed. You can play this game almost anywhere that fits the table. It can be played in taverns and bars and luxury ocean liners (See where to play shuffleboard). People even play it on slabs in parks. The most common place would be recreation rooms on ornate shuffleboard tables. With all these features, it is no surprise that shuffleboard is as popular today as it was five hundred years ago.

If you are planning to buy a shuffleboard you will need to consider the shuffleboard size more than any other factor. Regular tournament sized shuffleboard tables measure close to twenty two feet. You also get a variety of shuffleboards of length nine to fourteen feet. These shuffleboards are better suited for household recreation rooms. Measure your room carefully and do not forget to consider the extra space of two to three feet to make sure you can play easily. You can shop by design as well as shop for shuffleboard tables by brands such as Hudson, Venture, California House, Plank & Hide, Impreial USA, Nixon and Great American.

You need to care for your shuffleboard table to ensure it has a long life. Some shuffleboard tables may have separate warranties for the playing surface and the cradle. Take note of this while checking warranties. Shuffleboard cleaner must be used regularly to ensure you get rid of all the wax that tends to build up after some time. It would also help your table a lot if you are able to apply shuffleboard table wax once a week. You can also find silicone sprays that reduce build up of wax on the playing surface. You will be able to find these shuffleboard accessories in any shuffleboard maintenance kit.

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