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Shuffleboard FAQs

How to Receive Your Shuffleboard Table Delivery?

Please have a team of people ready to manually offload the shuffleboard table. Our shipping company will give you a phone call a few days in advance to schedule a time and date for delivery - so you will have adequate time in advance to schedule a few people to show up to your home to help you offload the shuffleboard table from the back of the delivery truck. Due to the size of shuffleboard tables, this is the ONLY way that they can be shipped and delivered to our customers nationwide. Our shipping carrier is only responsible for showing up to the property to deliver your shuffleboard table, they are not responsible for off loading the shuffleboard table from the back of their truck. This is the nationwide industry standard for basic curbside delivery for shuffleboard tables.

What is the maximum size table that I can fit in my home or business?

Most players will prefer to have at least 3 feet on either side of the table. This allows for at least one player on each side to comfortably glide the groat or puck across the playfield and switch with their opponent. Please refer to available shuffleboard table dimensions

What is an Tournament size shuffleboard table?

Official tournament shuffleboard is played on a 22 foot Shuffleboard table. These are normally the largest size offered and can be found through shuffleboard specialists.

How does my Shuffleboard table ship?

We ship with a freight company and package our table in highly protective crates. The shuffleboard tables legs and cradle will often ship in separate pieces and the play-field will be crated. This is one piece and can be up to a few hundred lbs. While installation is not very difficult with most tables it is important to have the appropriate amount of help available to lift the table on top of the assembled cradle. Once it has been installed micro adjustments can be made using climate adjusters.

What is a climate adjuster?

A:Climatic adjusters are used on shuffleboard tables to ensure a level playing surface and years of enjoyment on your game table. While the table is generally going to be leveled by the legs initially, micro adjustments to the level of the playing field are made using climatic adjusters.

What happens if the table is in drastic temperature changes?

Like all materials Temperature can cause your playfield to expand and contract. In extreme situations this can cause a table to bow or warp a bit. This can be avoided by keeping a somewhat consistent temperature and avoiding extremes. However if it occurs and in some cases it is unavoidable, you may use climatic adjusters to remedy the issue. Tables that use vertically staved joinery have less of a likelihood of having these issues with temperature changes.

What is the difference between vertically staved and stacked or butcher block play-fields?

A vertically staved play-field has one layer of wood, normally a hard solid maple, these are joined together side by side to create a thick solid surface. A Butcher block play- field uses multiple layers of wood stacked next to one another. Vertically staved units are found on higher end tables and have a better resistance to warping over a very long time of use.

Why are some Shuffleboard tables much more expensive than others?

Surface finish styles, manufacturing locations, materials, and design attributes can all be factors that reflect the price of a table. Many lower priced tables are perfect for residential or reasonable amount of use*. These tables normally have multiple coats of a strong polyurethane lacquer that will stand the test of time in these residential settings. Meanwhile for commercial use that receives consistent play Shuffleboard.net recommend a table with a polymer surface. Many tables will have a 1/2" poured surface which we have found to be historically the longest lasting and most durable finish. some of these will come with lifetime warranties for the play-field.

Many tables are made in the U.S.A. and due to the higher cost of labor and higher quality of manufacturing processes, these tables may be a higher cost than what you may find from an imported table. The imported tables that we sell have all passed our rigorous quality testing standards and our customers can be confident that they will be receiving a very high quality product whether it's an import or american made product.

The style of the Play-field can effect pricing. Vertically staved play fields are generally more expensive than butcher block constructed play fields. These have a higher durability and are less likely to be subject to warping in extreme temperature changes.

* It is important to remember that in most moderate to low play settings a lacquer finished play-field is going to be durable enough for many years of enjoyment. Poured Polymer surfaces are recommended for high use settings where the table may receive more abuse.

I might need a table that comes in 2 pieces to get down my basement stairs. what is the quality of play with a seam halfway down the table?

Our 2-piece shuffleboard tables available from Hudson, Venture, California House, and Playcraft comes together very nicely and almost seamlessly. There are wooden dowels that secure the two piece playing field as one. Playability is identical to a 1 piece shuffleboard table and we would highly recommend it especially if you are planning on transporting it down your basement stairs or in the elevator.

Please Select 2 Piece Playing Field Option on the Product Page to customize your shuffleboard.

Example of 2 Piece Playfield Shuffleboard Table (Split playfield)

Example of Hudson 2 Piece Playfield Shuffleboard (Split playfield)

How large of an opening do I need to install a 22-foot table? Is the top 1 piece? If so, then I need a straight shot stairway or window.

When installing a 22' shuffleboard table, you will have to keep in mind that the longest and largest piece will be the butcher block playing field. You will need to ensure that you have a straight shot entry to the room of choice - it will not fit into an elevator and or around turns on a stairway.

Our Hudson brand shuffleboard tables feature a 2 piece playing field option, which splits the playing field into two pieces which allows for easier transport of the playing field into the room of choice where it can be assembled into a complete 22' size shuffleboard table. That helps if you do not have a straight shot situation that can accommodate a 22' plank of wood.

The cradle and legs come disassembled so you do not need to worry about fitment for them, you can bring them to the room of choice piece by piece.

Can you tell me the difference between the Grand Hudson and the Grand Hudson Deluxe?

Grand Hudson:
  • Cradle is constructed of a high density fiberboard with a maple veneer
  • Electronic scoreboard is included with this table

Grand Deluxe:
  • Cradle and legs are made entirely out of solid poplar and maple hardwoods.
  • Corners on the horsecollar are milled out a single piece of wood, a feature found only on aHudson Shuffleboard.
  • Scoreboards (electronic, wood framed chalkboard, abacus beads) are additional options with this table

Deluxe Hybrid:
  • Same as the Grand Deluxe with the exception of the horsecollar being flat on the sides (as opposed to having radius edges on all sides) and capped with a radius piece of poplar on the top, which gives the corners a curved look when looking down on the corners.
  • The Hybrid can be stained in your choice of stains, or combination of stains, which is included in the price.

I can't find a table to match my setting, are custom shuffleboard finishes available?

While we carry one of the widest selections of shuffleboard tables anywhere, some of our customers have a particular finish that they need to match. In these cases it does limit the options to some of the higher end tables, however we can match almost any finish on style such as the York, Distinction and Tradition shuffleboard tables. There is often times a increased cost associated with custom finishes however you sales representative will be able to assist in finding the exact amount which varies with size and finish.

How is shipping free?

We pay for your shipping as long as you keep the product. This takes the hassle out of providing each customer with an exact cost and allows you to shop confidently knowing that the price you see posted is the exact price that you will be charged to receive your table.*

*Upgraded shipping charges may be applied when lift gate, in home delivery or setup are requested.
*CA sales tax is applied for sales within the state.

Do you ship shuffleboard table internationally?

We only provide free shipping to the lower 48 United States of America, we do not provide free shipping internationally. We can ship your order to the freight forwarder of your choice in the states who would then be responsible for coordinating the international shipment to you. You would be responsible for duties, taxes, and export fees. Please contact us if you are interested in placing an order and we can assist in recommending a freight forwarder in the states for you to use.

What is involved for my shuffleboard installation?

Installing larger shuffleboard tables can be somewhat labor intensive. The main effort comes from the manpower needed to lift the shuffleboard playing field onto the cradle. For instance, a 22 foot official tournament size shuffleboard table can weigh a few hundred pounds and can require 4 or more people to safely lift the shuffleboards playfield onto the cradle. Most shuffleboard tables arrive to your home in multiple crates. The legs and cradle are often shipped unassembled however assembly of these parts is generally not very difficult. It is important to assemble these while following the exact directions provided by the manufacturer. Every cradle is assembled slightly differently and some have specific parts that need to considered when placing the cradle in your game room. Once assembled most tables will be leveled prior to installing the play field.

The largest crate will contain the shuffleboard play field, sometimes referred to as the butcher block. This is shipped as a complete piece and can weigh several hundred pounds. The best thing to do is to have help available and to move the shuffleboard table following the manufacturers directions. Larger table will generally be moved on their side to reduce the chance of flexing and ensure that the polymer is kept in perfect condition. Once again each table is slightly different and many manufacturer's have hints and tips on moving the play field that ensure it does not get damaged and is as easy as possible to assemble. Once the playfield is installed micro adjustments to level the playfield can be made on most tables using climate adjusters.

What is proper shuffleboard maintenance?

Shuffleboard maintenance requires a few different steps. 1. Short term maintenance includes keeping your tables well covered with shuffleboard "sand". This will keep the puck from directly touching the polymer or polyurethane top.
2. Longer term maintenance: Wax, Silicone Spray and cleaners. Using a shuffleboard wax which can be buffed off much like a car wax provides an extra level of protection and fills any small imperfections in the play field. Many people will apply a silicone spray after the wax has cured and become dry, this helps to harden the wax and provides the optimal surface to be in contact with the "sand". Glazes and Cleaners can be used less frequently to remove any dirt or residue that accumulates over time. This is useful in settings like bar's and higher use game rooms. All maintenance products should be used according to manufacturer's specifications.
3. Shuffleboard covers: Covers are available for most any size table and should be used in lower play settings and setting's where the tables are not in use during busier hours. For instance in a bar and grill that gets too busy during football games and does not want customers placing beverages on their shuffleboard table.

What is shuffleboard sand?

In order for the shuffleboard "groat" or "puck" to slide so smoothly across the playfield shuffleboard tables require a special shuffleboard "sand". This is not the type of sand that you find at the beach but a specially designed material made for use on shuffleboard tables. There are in fact a few different ways that people refer to this substrate however it is all referring to the same substrate. It is referred to as Sand, Wax, Sawdust, Salt, Powder and Silicone. What is refers to is tiny silicone or plastic balls that allow the pucks to glide as if on ball bearings. This material also acts as a protectant, lessening the friction of the puck to the table and allowing the finish to last a longer life.

Do I need to wax my shuffle board table?

In most cases a maintenance routine using wax silicone spray, glaze and then powder is recommended. This routine does not need to be done very often, once every few months with higher play tables will keep your playfield in great shape and keep the pucks gliding smoothly for a much longer lifetime.

How can I refinish my shuffleboard table?

There are a few great resources for refinishing a shuffleboard tables. This is normally sourced out to a professional furniture refinisher or someone local who specializes in applying polurathane lacquers or in the case of a more permanent finish a polymer pouring.

How can I repair shuffleboard poured polymer playfield?

Following article shows step by step instruction on how to repair shuffleboard poured polyer playfield.
Reparing a shuffleboard poured polyer playfield.

where can i play shuffleboard?

We are always adding new locations for our shuffleboard enthusiasts to our shuffleboard listing below:
Where to Play Shuffleboard
Place to Play Shuffleboard

What is shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard began as a popular coin-on-the-table tavern game, imported to America by British colonists. The popularity of the game blossomed in the 1950s, and shuffleboard manufacturers even began sponsoring national tournaments. As the popularity of the sport grew, there was a larger demand for home shuffleboard tables. These were designed to be smaller than the standard tournament tables. Currently, over 1 million shuffleboard tables are enjoyed by over 5 million people every year. Shuffleboard tables provide a surface for a wide variety of unique and interesting games, including Knock-Off, Crazy Eights, Horse Collar, Target, and Tap & Draw.

What is the standard shuffleboard table size?

This depends on how you define "standard." In the 16th century, shuffleboard (then called "shovel-board") tables were generally about 30-feet long. Over time, this length decreased significantly as shuffleboard became more popular. Currently, the modern tournament standard length is 22-feet. Of course, this had to be changed for the home version. The standard home shuffleboard table is between 9 and 14 feet long, to suit the accommodations of the average living room.

Which wax is best for my shuffleboard table?

Contrary to appearances, the type of table wax you use will have a significant effect on the amount of control you can exert over the puck. Consequently, this has a serious effect on how the game is played. Table wax comes in various "speeds": for a beginner, slow speed wax is recommended to allow for maximum control. Moving on to the fast wax is recommended for more advanced players, as this allows for more challenging and competitive play. Keep in mind that any wax "feels" faster on shorter shuffleboard tables. On a 9-foot table, for example, you may not want any wax faster than "medium" speed, as this will allow the puck to travel such a short distance easily and quickly.

What about shuffleboard maintenance?

Modern production methods, and particularly the adoption of durable polymer surfaces, mean that shuffleboard tables are now built to last a lifetime. However, some minor maintenance is still required. Cleaning and glazing your shuffleboard table is recommended once every month, to prevent a build-up of old wax or silicone spray. Shuffleboard wipes are available, but a paper towel with some non-bleach cleaner should work just as well. Using a silicone shuffleboard spray will keep the surface slick, and will cut down on the amount of wax you need to apply.