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Shuffleboard FAQs

  • How to Receive Your Shuffleboard Table Delivery?
  • What is the maximum size table that I can fit in my home or business?
  • What is an Tournament size shuffleboard table?
  • How does my Shuffleboard table ship?
  • What is a climate adjuster?
  • What happens if the table is in drastic temperature changes?
  • What is the difference between vertically staved and stacked or butcher block play-fields?
  • Why are some Shuffleboard tables much more expensive than others?
  • I might need a table that comes in 2 pieces to get down my basement stairs. what is the quality of play with a seam halfway down the table?
  • How large of an opening do I need to install a 22-foot table? Is the top 1 piece? If so, then I need a straight shot stairway or window.
  • Can you tell me the difference between the Grand Hudson and the Grand Hudson Deluxe?
  • I can't find a table to match my setting, are custom shuffleboard finishes available?
  • How is shipping free?
  • Do you ship shuffleboard table internationally?
  • What is involved for my shuffleboard installation?
  • What is proper shuffleboard maintenance?
  • What is shuffleboard sand?
  • Do I need to wax my shuffle board table?
  • How can I refinish my shuffleboard table?
  • How can I repair shuffleboard poured polymer playfield?
  • where can i play shuffleboard?
  • What is shuffleboard?
  • What is the standard shuffleboard table size?
  • Which wax is best for my shuffleboard table?
  • What about shuffleboard maintenance?