Top 5 Professional Shuffleboard Tables

Avid shuffleboard players know that having the best tables makes a massive difference in game play. Having a professional shuffleboard table is crucial for anyone who is serious about improving their skills. Professional shuffleboard tables stand out from other tables for their quality and sturdiness, lasting through spirited game play. When looking to buy a professional shuffleboard table, there are some key elements you should look for that will help you narrow your choices.

The 5 Best Professional Shuffleboard Tables

1.) The Atherton Professional Shuffleboard Table

Atherton Pro Shuffleboard Table

The Atherton features an elegant design and is made of hearty beechwood. The Atherton is as sturdily made as a piece of furniture, with 23 different finishes to choose from.   This custom-made shuffleboard table will elevate the look of any home or game room. Padded end collars protect against flying pucks and provide a handhold. The cradle is made entirely of solid beech, with steel hardware for serious gameplay without shifting.

2.) The Dominator Professional Shuffleboard Table

Hudson Dominator Professional Shuffleboard Table

The Dominator was designed with professionals in mind, with a rock-hard playfield, overhead lights, and solid wood construction. The Dominator is available up to the tournament size of 22’.  Made in the USA, The Dominator is made-to-order and custom for serious shuffleboard players.
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The 8 Best Shuffleboard Puck Sets

All serious shuffleboard players need a set of quality shuffleboard pucks. Not all pucks are created equal, though—there are two different sizes. Medium ones measure in at 2 1/8 inches and work best on 9’, 12’, and 14’ shuffleboard tables. Large pucks, on the other hand, measure in at 2 5/16 inches, making them ideal for 16’, 18’, 20’, and 22’ shuffleboard tables. The large pucks are considered regulation size, so this is what you will need to play shuffleboard at a tournament.

We’ve compiled a list of our eight best shuffleboard pucks from, based on customer feedback, review by our specialists, and sales volume. Each set comes with eight pucks—four red and four blue. Look at the great options below and see which one works best for you!

Remember: offers the lowest prices with our Price Match Guarantee!

Best Medium Shuffleboard Pucks – 2 1/8”

1.) Deluxe Venture Shuffleboard Weights

Venture Deluxe Shuffleboard Weight Set

The Venture Deluxe Shuffleboard Weight Set. A $257 value for only $180 – buy it now!

Venture call themselves “the shuffleboard people,” which means they take everything from the tables to the weights seriously. Their deluxe sets are made in the USA and hand polished to finish. They are perfect for small or mid-size tables.
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The 5 Coolest Shuffleboard Apps for Your Phone

Shuffleboard apps are a fun way to enjoy your love of the game anytime, anywhere. These apps allow you to play digital versions of shuffleboard as well as fun, innovative, and often addictive new variations.

Whether you’re a serious player wanting to take your passion on the go, or you’re just looking for an entertaining way to pass the time, we’ve got an app for you. Here are five of the coolest shuffleboard apps for your iPhone or Android.

The 5 Best iPhone and Android Shuffleboard Apps

Shuffleboard Apps

Photo by Hamza under CC BY 2.0

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Brand Spotlight: California House Shuffleboard Tables

Established in 1953, California House is a Sacramento-based business specializing in artisan furniture with unique designs. Their shuffleboard line exemplifies the brand’s motto: “fine furniture for fun rooms.” These elegant game tables are built to last with precise workmanship and high-quality materials. Buy a California House shuffleboard table and you’re investing in a new family heirloom.

California House logo
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Tips for Buying and Using a Shuffleboard Brush

You’ve just purchased a high-quality shuffleboard and are surveying everything it comes with: pucks in two colors, a can of wax, silicone spray, climate adjusters, abacus scorers, and a shuffleboard brush. Maybe your board didn’t come with a table brush, but you know you need one. How do you pick one out, and then once you have it, how do you use it?

If you’re worried about not knowing the answers to these questions, it’s okay! We’re here to explain how to buy and use a shuffleboard brush—we all have to learn sometime!

Shuffleboard table brush

This extra-wide shuffleboard brush makes quick work of wax removal. Buy it now.

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3 Differences of Table Shuffleboard & Deck Shuffleboard

The game of shuffleboard has been around for centuries in both forms: table and deck. From its humble beginnings as a tavern game to the organized and standardized sport it is today, shuffleboard has changed quite a bit. Though gaining momentum and popularity in booms and busts throughout the centuries, it was not until the 20th century that shuffleboarding transformed into an official entity with set rules in both varieties

There are several prominent differences between table shuffleboard and deck shuffleboard, but the basics are the same. In each variety, players slide four weighted discs each down slick playing surfaces into scoring zones. Beyond this, however, the two varieties differ greatly in size, game play, and scoring.

Differences in Size

Table shuffleboards can range from 9-22 feet in length. This makes it the more versatile variety, as it can be installed in a home game room, bar, or recreation center. A regulation size board is 22 feet long, which is what you’ll need for shuffleboard tournaments. Smaller sizes are still perfect for casual players, though.

Table Shuffleboard Player

Shuffleboard, time to put on your game face! (CC)

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How to Wax a Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard wax maximizes the speed and accuracy of your shots, as well as reducing the damage it takes from constant usage. It is important to wax your shuffleboard table frequently to keep it at its best. The waxing process differs between tables with traditional wood finishes and polymer finishes, as well as the type of wax you plan on using.

Traditional Wood Finishes

Tables with traditional finishes are generally harder to maintain and wax, but typically maintain their thickness and shine longer than polymer finishes.

Coventry Playcraft Shuffleboard Table

This 16’ Cherry Playcraft Coventry Shuffleboard is made with a traditional lacquer finish.

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Shuffleboard Space Recommendations

When you’re playing a game of shuffleboard, you need your space. When deciding how to setup your shuffleboard table, you always want to reserve at least 2′ on each side of the table and 3′ at either end where players stand. Cramped areas it difficult to play without being able to maneuver left, right, and around the table to find just the right angle.

This begs the question: how much space is enough space for a shuffleboard table?

Whenever possible, you want to maximize the space so  people are comfortable. Sure you can cram a regulation size table in a small room but you have to find a balance that allows you the right amount of table with the right amount of space around it as well so you have plenty or room to play.

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What is Shuffleboard Wax?

Shuffleboard wax, also known as sand, dust, powder, cheese, salt, sawdust, and more, is a material that’s sprinkled on table shuffleboards to decrease friction between the puck and the table, preserve the tables thickness, and increase the speed of weights as they glide across the table. It is one of the most essential accessories you need to play table shuffleboard.

Shuffleboard Table Wax

This Grand Hudson Deluxe Shuffleboard Table is waxed to perfection. Find shuffleboard wax like this here.

What’s in the Name?

Shuffleboard wax is known by many different names: sand, dust, powder cheese, salt, sawdust, or silicone. Whatever you or others choose to call it, it still refers to the same kind of material that adds so many benefits to your overall shuffleboarding experience.

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Shuffleboard Finishes: The Differences Between Shellac, Lacquer, Epoxy, and Polyurethane

A shuffleboard is an important purchase. Sizewise, it takes up a lot of room. Timewise, you expect your investment to last forever.

Therefore, before making that purchase, learn all you can about shuffleboards. How else will you know what type of shuffleboard is best for you? You’ll need to learn about differences in sizes, woods, and finishes. This article focuses on the various types of finishes available for coating shuffleboard tables. Each finish type has unique pros and cons.

Shuffleboard Playfield Finish

The Loft Table Shuffleboard by California House.

Overview of Shellac and Lacquer Finishes

Shuffleboard tables made during the early to mid-1900’s were made only from hardwoods, and were typically coated with shellac or lacquer. If you purchased an older table, you may wish to restore it to its original shellac or lacquer finish type. Shellac and lacquer tables can be hand sanded using a fine-grit sandpaper. Sanding strokes should be long and consistent. New shellac can then be applied.

Shellac is actually a natural product made from a secretion the female lac bug produces in order to form a cocoon-like tunnel to enable her to traverse tree branches. This resin is scraped from trees, processed into flakes or powder, and combined with an alcohol solvent.
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