Tips for Buying and Using a Shuffleboard Brush

You’ve just purchased a high-quality shuffleboard and are surveying everything it comes with: pucks in two colors, a can of wax, silicone spray, climate adjusters, abacus scorers, and a shuffleboard brush. Maybe your board didn’t come with a table brush, but you know you need one. How do you pick one out, and then once you have it, how do you use it?

If you’re worried about not knowing the answers to these questions, it’s okay! We’re here to explain how to buy and use a shuffleboard brush—we all have to learn sometime!

Shuffleboard table brush

This extra-wide shuffleboard brush makes quick work of wax removal.

Buying a Shuffleboard Brush

Choose an extra wide brush that can cover the whole width of the table. This allows you to run the brush down the length of the table one time to clean the full surface area.

For comfort, look for a table brush that has an ergonomically shaped handle. A brush made with hardwood has the sturdiest structure and will last you a long time.

Lastly, but most importantly, choose one with a felt or felt-like brush. This makes wax removal easy and helps keep the surface even. Check out our replacement shuffleboard brush—it has all these key features and more.

Cleaning a Shuffleboard

Just like any heirloom, shuffleboards require maintenance to keep them in good condition. One essential area of maintenance is cleaning and waxing the board.

What are the best methods for cleaning a board using a shuffleboard brush? If you’re working with an extra wide brush, simply place it on one end of the table and brush it down to the other side without lifting it.

Perhaps you’re wondering how often should I clean my shuffleboard? The answer is before prepping the board, between games, or whenever the puck starts to plow the wax. This last thing can happen if too much wax accumulates on the surface of the table. If you see this happening, sweep the board and apply a clean layer of wax.

Prepping a Shuffleboard Table

There are a few different ways to prep a board for gameplay, but the most important point is to clean the board before applying new wax. As we mentioned before, you don’t want to allow wax and silicone to build up on the surface of your board.

Once you’ve cleaned the board, spray a layer of silicone on the table with wide, sweeping motions. This creates a smooth, clean playing surface and helps the wax sit evenly on the table. Give the silicone a few minutes to set, then buff gently and evenly with a cloth. You can also use your shuffleboard brush to do this.

Next, sprinkle a thin layer of wax onto the playing surface. You can finish off here, but some pros like to treat this as a top coat and wipe the surface one more time with the table brush. This evens out the wax, helps it absorb the silicon, and wipes off any excess.

Finish off with a final sprinkling of wax. Shop our shuffleboard accessories to stock up on wax, silicone, and more!

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