Shuffleboard Basics: How To Shoot a Shuffleboard Puck

Time to take it back to the basics. Shuffleboard has been a beloved table game since the early 20th century, with various iterations across the globe. As a pastime, shuffleboard is both a spectator sport, and a casual game to play with friends and strangers alike. It can be intimidating to play shuffleboard if you’ve never really played properly before. Today, we’re going to go over some shuffleboard shooting basics, so that the next time you’re in a bar or arcade, you’ll be ready for a game or two.

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3 Differences of Table Shuffleboard & Deck Shuffleboard

The game of shuffleboard has been around for centuries in both forms: table and deck. From its humble beginnings as a tavern game to the organized and standardized sport it is today, shuffleboard has changed quite a bit. Though gaining momentum and popularity in booms and busts throughout the centuries, it was not until the 20th century that shuffleboarding transformed into an official entity with set rules in both varieties

There are several prominent differences between table shuffleboard and deck shuffleboard, but the basics are the same. In each variety, players slide four weighted discs each down slick playing surfaces into scoring zones. Beyond this, however, the two varieties differ greatly in size, game play, and scoring.

Differences in Size

Table shuffleboards can range from 9-22 feet in length. This makes it the more versatile variety, as it can be installed in a home game room, bar, or recreation center. A regulation size board is 22 feet long, which is what you’ll need for shuffleboard tournaments. Smaller sizes are still perfect for casual players, though.

Shuffleboard, time to put on your game face!

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Knock Off Shuffleboard Game Rules

Game Overview

The game of “Knock Off” is likely the most popular shuffleboard play variation, and it can be played in singles (one vs. one) or doubles (two vs. two). In a doubles game, one member from each team will stand on each of the sides. The aim of the game is to reach, or surpass, a score of 15 points.

The Beginning

Before the game begins, players must flip a coin to pick their colors, as well as the color of the “hammer.” The winner can choose whichever color they’d like, but the color which is elected to be the “hammer” will be the color which initially goes second. Once the final frame has been reached, the team with the hammer will be the last team to play.

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How to get Kids to Put Down their Phones: Shuffleboard!

Kids love shuffleboard. It’s just a fact, and everybody knows it. No sooner do kids spot a shuffleboard, they’re playing with it. For parents frustrated by the fact that their child’s nose is constantly a few inches from the phone, investing in a shuffleboard table can be the key to getting a child to, “Put down that cell phone!”

Social Interaction

Have you ever seen a room full of kids sitting together, but not interacting, because they are all on their phones? A shuffleboard will act like a magnet to get them up and playing together. The game encourages social interaction, team strategizing, and instantly creates a fun atmosphere. What’s more, the game will foster relationships between young and old, since all ages can play the game.

Improved Eye-Hand Coordination

When they first play shuffleboard, the inclination of most children is to whack the puck as hard as possible. They quickly learn that, in order to keep the puck from falling off the edge, so they can win the game, they must rein in their energy. The game of shuffleboard helps them to finesse movements, develop precision, and ultimately improves eye-hand coordination.
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How to Play Dutch Shuffleboard (Sjoelen)

Dutch shuffleboard, also known as Sjoelbak or Sjoelen, is a variation of table shuffleboard that has been influenced by games such as bagatelle, pinball, billiards, skeeball, and miniature golf. Yes, it’s a very rich game that pulls together pieces of many popular home recreation games.

Unlike normal table shuffleboard, Dutch Shuffleboard is played on a unidirectional board meaning you only shoot in one direction as opposed to two. The ultimate goal of Sjoelen is to throw your discs through small slots on the other side of the table. Instead of landing in scoring zones like you would in normal shuffleboard, you have to shoot your weight into one of 4 scoring boxes. Each box has a certain value. In this sense, you might even say it has a little bit of Plinko involved too!

Sjoelen is a popular game in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany although there are some here in the states who enjoy the game. There are two types of Sjoelen; Homas and Schilite. The boards are the same but the gates and discs are a different size. Sjoelen board is 2 meters x 0.4 meters with 5.2 centimeter walls on 3 sides.

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Shooting the Ol’ Go Around

The Go Around is an advanced shuffleboard shot where the puck curves around another puck. This is an advanced technique that can make it more difficult for your opponent to outscore you or put you in a bad position. On the contrary, the go-around allows you to toss one more arsenal into your bag of tricks (cue the evil grin).

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to review the fundamentals of shooting a shuffleboard puck. Make sure that you have the basics down before you move on to the advanced techniques!
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How to Pick out the Right Shuffleboard Wax for the Job

Shuffleboard wax is categorized using a numeric speed rating system. A wax rating of 1 is the slowest while a rating of 3 will create a slick surface and faster playing speeds. Waxing your shuffleboard is essential to creating an ideal playing field. Although your shuffleboard table has a finish that is naturally smooth, playing without shuffleboard wax will wear out your table much quicker.

 Shuffleboard Powder Guide

Shuffleboard wax has been given many names. You may have heard it called shuffleboard powder, dust, sand, sawdust, salt, powder, silicone, etc. Those who are emotionally attached sprinkle on a magical pinch of fairy dust. Whatever you call it, shuffleboard wax will improve your game and help you look like you’ve played before. If you’re still a rookie, no problem. Start by reading these basic shuffleboard pointers so you don’t look like one!

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Bowling Shuffleboard – What is it and How Do You Play?

Shuffleboard bowling is a very simple game that is straight-forward and tons of fun. It’s less intensive than traditional bowling that may be a bit too strenuous for some ladies. Bowling shuffleboard is much easier but equally challenging, requiring more skill than pure brute strength.

Shuffleboard bowling will keep you interested while building strength, accuracy, and hand-eye coordination. Unlike traditional shuffleboard competitions, you can add as many players as you want. Bring on the party! You can print out the bowling scorecard below to keep track of the score and keep things from getting messy.
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