San Francisco’s Shuffleboard Renaissance

San Francisco has become the location of a storm that is brewing in the midst of a lively urban social scene. Many residents and Bar-goers may become familiar with long 22 foot waxed tables we call shuffleboards in the coming months as many enthusiasts have remarked that the time is right.

Although the shuffleboard has been most popular in Texas and Oklahoma, many are confident that the tides are beginning to turn with organized events like Heineken’s traveling shuffleboard tournament. This year, organizers brought the fun and games to several sold out bars in the city of Atlanta to a surprising turn out.

History of Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard became popular in the early 1940’s but interest began to wane in the 90’s. Yet and still, this short lived movement was able to raise a powerful and dedicated following of players who would attest to the games attraction. Fast forward to the new millennium, an aging generation of experienced shuffleboard players have noted the dire need of skilled players who are in their youth. Enter San Francisco’s Shuffleboard Renaissance.

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Places to Play Shuffleboard: San Diego

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Here in San Diego there is a big emphasis on quality of life and enjoyment. That being said, it is a top spot for night life and social gatherings. There is a good amount of options for anyone looking for a great place to hang out and play some social games like shuffleboard, billiards and foosball. We thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of our favorite places with shuffleboard tables in San Diego for anyone else out there to take a look at and enjoy with us! You can also find a brief overview of what each shuffleboard location has to offer.

Places to Play Shuffleboard San Diego

There are quite a few different area’s of San Diego so we have decided to break down the locations into beach area’s, east county, south bay, gaslamp and more.

Whoever says Shuffleboard is not a popular game can take a look at San Diego’s list of establishments that have the game and we’re confident it will change their mind.

If you know any others on the list that we may have missed please let us know. This is the most complete listing that we know of but if we can improve we are happy to add your listing.
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Place to play shuffleboard in Eagle Idaho

Bill let us know that he has 22′ shuffleboard table and all are welcome to play. He is in Eagle Idaho just outside of Boise and he has a brand new 22′ shuffleboard table and all are welcome to play . The Gathering Place in the Orville Jackson building 50 E. State St. Eagle ID. 83616. Stop by and play really challenging 22′ to test your skill. Don’t forget to say hi to Bill for us.