Product Spotlight: Grand Hudson Models

Hudson is a brand well known for its masterfully built shuffleboard tables. The models that Hudson has produced over the years have always had their unique touch of engineering magic. With the number of categories to choose from, it may seem hard to differentiate between them at first. Nowhere is this more visible than in the Grand Hudson, the Grand Hudson Deluxe, and the Grand Hudson Deluxe Hybrid. While their names are similar, each comes with its own set of features that can impact your purchasing experience.

Here is a run-down of each table model and their characteristics:

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A Tour at Hudson Shuffleboard Headquarters

Showroom at Hudson Headquarters

Hudson Shuffleboard Facility Visit

The name “Hudson” rings a bell in everyone’s mind in the shuffleboard community but what you might not know is the power, passion, and respect that comes vitally linked to the Hudson name. At, we have a great history of close partnership with the makers of the high quality Hudson Shuffleboard Tables, but it was not until recently that we had come to truly and personally understand the depth and emotional connection the employees at Hudson pour into each and every one of their products.



Starting at the very core of each table lie the raw materials that support the end results’ greatness. Hudson doesn’t take any shortcuts, beginning their tasks with 100% All-American domestic wood, which is then taken in by dedicated artisans, well skilled in their trade. It was mesmerizing. The focus granted to the refined details is painstakingly given; no inch was left unattended or unobserved. The words we have presented you with in the past, speaking of the perfection of their hand carved tables were proven irrevocably true; perhaps even falling short.


Will Hudson: Founder of Hudson Shuffleboards

No one speaks with integrity and determination quite like the owner of Hudson Shuffleboards, Will Hudson. Not only does he work hard to appoint employees with great talent, he oversees the fashioning of each wooden creation that leaves the fold. He believes in hard work and steadfast attentiveness, giving each of his tables the tender love and care that only a master craftsman and a proud father can understand.
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Product Spotlight: Metro Shuffleboard by Hudson

Made by Hudson, the Metro Shuffleboard Table is a sleek and contemporary addition to any game room or office. If you’re looking to modernize any space and bring table shuffleboard back into the spotlight where it belongs, the Metro Shuffleboard Table will be the perfect fit for you.

Hudson Metro Shuffleboard Table

The Hudson Metro Shuffleboard table is available in 9 foot – 12 foot sizes for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Metro Shuffleboard has been one of the several key names in shuffleboard all over the world. With a long-standing experience in customer service and quality client satisfaction, Hudson has created a one-of-a-kind and timeless product in the Metro Shuffleboard Table. Continue reading

Hudson Shuffleboard Tables: Brand Spotlight

When you hear the name Will Hudson, you might only think of American baseball powerhouses the New York Mets or the Cincinnati Reds. However, Will Hudson is also the man behind one of the fastest growing shuffleboard table manufacturers in the world: Hudson Shuffleboard Tables.

As a professional baseball player Hudson was able to travel throughout the United States, from our big cities to our small towns. While travelling Hudson noticed something, a lack of shuffleboard tables and a lack of individuals enjoying a historically significant sport. This led Hudson to create a company dedicated to handcrafted, USA made, affordable shuffleboard tables.

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Hudson shuffleboard tables offer both timeless designs and tables with a modern and unique twist. The wide variety of Hudson styles ensures you’ll be able to find a table that seamlessly matches your existing decor. While Hudson is big on style, they never skimp on quality. Hudson shuffleboard tables are used in professional tournaments as well as in homes and bars across the US by hardcore shuffleboard enthusiasts.

Hudson Metro Shuffleboard Table

Want to play the classic game of shuffleboard with a modern edge? Meet Hudson’s Metro Shuffleboard Table 

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