Top 5 Professional Shuffleboard Tables

Avid shuffleboard players know that having the best tables makes a massive difference in game play. Having a professional shuffleboard table is crucial for anyone who is serious about improving their skills. Professional shuffleboard tables stand out from other tables for their quality and sturdiness, lasting through spirited game play. When looking to buy a professional shuffleboard table, there are some key elements you should look for that will help you narrow your choices.

The 5 Best Professional Shuffleboard Tables

1.) The Atherton Professional Shuffleboard Table

Atherton Pro Shuffleboard Table

The Atherton features an elegant design and is made of hearty beechwood. The Atherton is as sturdily made as a piece of furniture, with 23 different finishes to choose from.   This custom-made shuffleboard table will elevate the look of any home or game room. Padded end collars protect against flying pucks and provide a handhold. The cradle is made entirely of solid beech, with steel hardware for serious gameplay without shifting.

2.) The Dominator Professional Shuffleboard Table

Hudson Dominator Professional Shuffleboard Table

The Dominator was designed with professionals in mind, with a rock-hard playfield, overhead lights, and solid wood construction. The Dominator is available up to the tournament size of 22’.  Made in the USA, The Dominator is made-to-order and custom for serious shuffleboard players.

3.) The Classic Cushion Professional Shuffleboard Table

Venture Classic Cushion Shuffleboard Table

For a traditional shuffleboard table, The Classic Cushion offers both style and function. The Classic Cushion is 12’ long, perfect for a home game room or to add to a bar. Highly durable, The Classic Cushion is made to last. Features traditional scoring in the corners and a lifetime warranty on playfield and finish.

4.) The Grand Deluxe Professional Shuffleboard Table

Grand Deluxe Pro Shuffleboard Table

The Grand Deluxe features nostalgic design paired with strength and durability.  Scoring and foul lines are silk screened into the 3-inch-thick playfield. The cradle is steamed before being bent into shape for remarkable strength. The Grand Deluxe is available from 12ft to 22ft tournament sizes.

5.) The Fallbrook Limited Professional Shuffleboard Table

Hudson Fallbrook Shuffleboard Table

The Fallbrook Limited offers a rustic look combined with a professional board. This made-to-order board is available in four finishes and up to 22ft tournament size. This table is optimal for outdoor play as it can be weather proofed and optional glow-in the dark playfield.  Playfield is made of hard rock maple and lifetime warrantied polymer finish.

What to Look for in a Professional Shuffleboard Table

  • Quality—Poor quality shuffleboard tables will lead to cracking playfields, busted table legs, or worse. To avoid continual repairs or repurchases, look for a table made of high-quality materials with sturdy construction. Look for a table crafted of beech, maple, or mahogany. Tables made exclusively from plywood will not be as strong. Tournament tables will outlast and outperform their plastic and plywood component counterparts. Be sure that your table includes climatic adjusters.
  • Durability—You want your shuffleboard table to last through hours of game play. Look for materials such as steel hardware and solid hardwood in the material listing. The playfield should be rock-hard.
  • Design—The design of your new shuffleboard table is important. If the table is going in your home game room, the design should be similar to the other furniture in the room. The design should be appealing to the eye. Commercial shuffleboard tables need to look enticing and should also complement other furniture or game boards in the room.
  • Indoor/Outdoor—If the shuffleboard table is to used outdoors, be sure you choose a table that is meant to be used outside. These tables are treated to ensure top quality remains the same through weather. Indoor tables are not intended to be used outdoors.
  • Custom OptionsCustomizing a shuffleboard table allows you to have the exact right table for your space with finish, size, and other detail options.
  • USAA Sanctioned Equipment—If you are training or plan to host shuffleboard tournaments, look for tables that fit official professional requirements.

Finding a professional shuffleboard table for your home, bar, or rec room is the first step. Shuffleboard accessories from will keep your table in tip top shape so you can work on your game. Our prices are the best available and we always offer free shipping!

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