Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is a game that is played in two variants – indoor and outdoor. Both have certain similarities as weights or pucks are pushed from one end of the board to the other for points. However, there are many differences between indoor and outdoor shuffleboard.
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How to build a Shuffleboard Table

Learn how to build a shuffleboard table on your own!  Making a shuffleboard table can get you that much closer to playing shuffleboard at your house. The process of making a shuffleboard table can be detail-oriented, so you need to take your time when taking on such a project.  It’s possible and Shuffleboard.net is going to show you how!

How to Build a Homemade Shuffleboard Table

Before making a shuffleboard table you should find a room where you can put it and build it. Having adequate space and not being cramped is a great way to ensure you have a good time playing shuffleboard. If you are do it yourself kind of person and have the skills, you can make your own shuffleboard.
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Shuffleboard tournament idea’s

We love the fact that people get together and share great times by organizing shuffleboard tournaments.  We thought we would share some of the best idea’s we have heard about so that others can liven up their tournaments and increase the turnout.

Seperate the pro’s from the regular Joe’s:

Its more fun when the competition is even.  For this reason we always find the best tournaments let teams choose their level of competition.  Granted there may be a sand bagger in the group that wants to crush the competition in the amateur section.  If they win then from that point forward they should be entered into the pro competition.  This also allows beginner’s to get their feet wet and play a bit longer.  They may even have a lucky night and get a W.  The other thing that you can do is have better prizes for the pro series to give the better players incentive to play in the more competitive group.
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