Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is a game that is played in two variants – indoor and outdoor. Both have certain similarities as weights or pucks are pushed from one end of the board to the other for points. However, there are many differences between indoor and outdoor shuffleboard.

The Game Itself

Although we have outdoor shuffleboard tables that can be played outside, shuffleboard tables are generally played indoor. In indoor shuffleboard the game is played on a shuffleboard table with the players standing on the floor near it. The pucks or weights are pushed by hand. The indoor shuffleboard can be between 9 feet and 22 feet long. View different size of shuffleboard tables. The surface of the board is waxed using silicone pellets to provide an additional smoothness to ensure that the pucks move fast with just a light shove. This game can be played as a one-on-one or as a team event with two players in each team. The scores are calculated based on the position in which the pucks land when pushed.

Indoor Shuffleboard Table

The Rules

In outdoor shuffleboard, the game is played on a wooden deck that is marked in the same way as an indoor shuffleboard. However, the deck is much larger, as the court is 52 feet long. The players are on the court or the shuffleboard instead of on the floor near the table. Additionally, the pucks are pushed with cue sticks instead of by hand. The cue sticks are long and the pucks are plat objects. Typically, there are eight pucks of two different colors and the scoring is based on the position in which the pucks land.

Outdoor Shuffleboard Court

The Main Strategy

In both indoor and outdoor shuffleboard, the goal is to place the pucks in the high scoring areas of the board while also knocking away the pucks of the opponents from the board.

Dexterity and Concentration

Many people consider outdoor shuffleboard to be a game for seniors because it does not require much physical exertion. Also, the players take turns to shoot the puck instead of actively playing against each other. However, the game requires a lot of skill and strategy to win.

Inside & Outside Differences

Indoor shuffleboard is less strenuous since it can be played without having to deal with a lot of movement over a large area. However, it too requires a lot of skill and aim to ensure that the pucks are positioned exactly right to obtain the most points. The smaller area of the indoor shuffleboard can make puck placement more difficult for players as precision will be required. However, both games can be enjoyed by all age groups who love a challenge.

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