Knock Off Shuffleboard Game Rules

Knock Off Shuffleboard Game Rules

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Game Overview

The game of “Knock Off” is likely the most popular shuffleboard play variation, and it can be played in singles (one vs. one) or doubles (two vs. two). In a doubles game, one member from each team will stand on each of the sides. The aim of the game is to reach, or surpass, a score of 15 points.

The Beginning

Before the game begins, players must flip a coin to pick their colors, as well as the color of the “hammer.” The winner can choose whichever color they’d like, but the color which is elected to be the “hammer” will be the color which initially goes second. Once the final frame has been reached, the team with the hammer will be the last team to play.

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Product Spotlight: Grand Hudson Models

Hudson is a brand well known for its masterfully built shuffleboard tables. The models that Hudson has produced over the years have always had their unique touch of engineering magic. With the number of categories to choose from, it may seem hard to differentiate between them at first. Nowhere is this more visible than in the Grand Hudson, the Grand Hudson Deluxe, and the Grand Hudson Deluxe Hybrid. While their names are similar, each comes with its own set of features that can impact your purchasing experience.

Here is a run-down of each table model and their characteristics:

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Picking the Best Shuffleboard Table for your Bar

Shuffleboard tables are one of the best investments you can make when deciding the layout of your bar’s entertainment area. After its comeback in the late 80s, shuffleboard has rapidly gained ground, especially in drinking establishments. The increased popularity of the game brought with it a surge of manufacturers that wanted to enter into the market.

They soon realized that the game tables for indoor shuffleboarding could be changed and modified to fit different needs and user bases. Size and materials could be combined and switched to be made perfect for bars, pubs, professional tournament spaces, and even in the average home.

To sort through the tables available on the market and select the ideal shuffleboard table for your bar, keep your price range, size, and structural materials in mind.

Pristine View from the End of a Shuffleboard

Imagine letting your patrons have this beautiful view – By Chris Pimlott (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

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