Picking the Best Shuffleboard Table for your Bar

Shuffleboard tables are one of the best investments you can make when deciding the layout of your bar’s entertainment area. After its comeback in the late 80s, shuffleboard has rapidly gained ground, especially in drinking establishments. The increased popularity of the game brought with it a surge of manufacturers that wanted to enter into the market.

They soon realized that the game tables for indoor shuffleboarding could be changed and modified to fit different needs and user bases. Size and materials could be combined and switched to be made perfect for bars, pubs, professional tournament spaces, and even in the average home.

To sort through the tables available on the market and select the ideal shuffleboard table for your bar, keep your price range, size, and structural materials in mind.

Pristine View from the End of a Shuffleboard

Imagine letting your patrons have this beautiful view – By Chris Pimlott (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Selecting the Size of Your Shuffleboard Table

Your shuffleboard table won’t be very popular if there’s not enough space for players to move comfortably. Luckily, unlike billiards tables, shuffleboard tables only need to have ample space on the two sides the competitors are standing in.

The most common field lengths for commercial shuffleboards are from 9’-14’. Each length has its own list of benefits.

  • Shorter tables can be much more affordable than longer tables because of the lesser amount of materials needed to construct them. Shorter tables also allow you to place more than one table, if desired.
  • Longer tables require more tactical skills to manage the increase in field size. Competition will be a lot more serious and require focused moves, but in the end these games will be more fun than stressful.

Measure out the amount of space you have available, or you’re planning on using, and then make your choice. Whichever size you end up choosing will still bring in more happy shuffleboard customers to your bar establishment. Read this full guide to learn more about deciding what size shuffleboard table to get.

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Minding Materials

Not all shuffleboards are composed of the same woods, thicknesses, or finishes. Manufacturers each have their own blueprints featured in their products. These differences can affect gameplay, endurance, or simply aesthetic appeal. Each variation will have a different production cost based on these factors, which, in turn will have an effect on the price tag.

  • Some are made with flat top wood cuts, while others are manufactured with butcher block tops. Either method will provide a quality playing surface, but many experts prefer the true butcher block structures.
  • Butcher block models require more wood, which means a higher price.
  • The type of wood used can raise the number even higher, depending on the wood’s rarity or availability.
  • Thicker playing fields mean longer lifespans, but require you to spend more resources to buy them.

You know your customers best. If you have frequent patrons with high levels of shuffleboarding experience, you may want to consider the pricier options. However, if your clientele is looking more for places to enjoy the pure fun of the game, investing in cheaper options would be best. Not only would the customers still have fun, but you’ll be able to buy more than one and entertain even larger parties of players.

Read the full Shuffleboard Table Buyer’s Guide.

All in All…

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for any bar owner. Tapping into the fun atmosphere given off by shuffleboarding is an easy way to improve patron flow and retention.

Now that you know all about the benefits of a shuffleboard table, take a look at our great selection today! We have experience working with some of the best, affordable commercial and custom shuffleboard suppliers, including brand names like Hudson, known for their fine quality products. Place an order and you’ll soon find it to be a fantastic investment.

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