How to get Kids to Put Down their Phones: Shuffleboard!

Kids love shuffleboard. It’s just a fact, and everybody knows it. No sooner do kids spot a shuffleboard, they’re playing with it. For parents frustrated by the fact that their child’s nose is constantly a few inches from the phone, investing in a shuffleboard table can be the key to getting a child to, “Put down that cell phone!”

Social Interaction

Have you ever seen a room full of kids sitting together, but not interacting, because they are all on their phones? A shuffleboard will act like a magnet to get them up and playing together. The game encourages social interaction, team strategizing, and instantly creates a fun atmosphere. What’s more, the game will foster relationships between young and old, since all ages can play the game.

Improved Eye-Hand Coordination

When they first play shuffleboard, the inclination of most children is to whack the puck as hard as possible. They quickly learn that, in order to keep the puck from falling off the edge, so they can win the game, they must rein in their energy. The game of shuffleboard helps them to finesse movements, develop precision, and ultimately improves eye-hand coordination.

Like other physical games, the strategy, targeting, and quick hand movements required during shuffleboard stimulates the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for planning complex behavior. As their skills develop, children can be taught techniques that will further improve both their coordination, and their game. They will learn to play equally well with either hand, which is the technique used by superior players.

They’ll also learn to use “English,” which involves adding a twist to the puck. By using the thumb and forefinger to twist the puck toward the body before releasing it, they can better ensure that the puck will stay where they want to place it. This twisting motion basically creates a brake on the puck.

Choosing a Shuffleboard Table

The first thing a person must consider when purchasing a shuffleboard table is the amount available space in the home. The most common field lengths for commercial shuffleboards are from 9-14 feet. Young children will have more success on a shorter table, but in the long-run, lengthier tables, which provide a more challenging game, will serve to enhance tactical skills. A full regulation-size shuffleboard table is 22-feet long and 20-feet wide. Factor in having 2-feet clear on all sides of the table.

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The materials that compose the shuffleboard table vary, but typically, it’s some variety of wood. Some tables are made with flat-top wood cuts, others are manufactured with butcher block tops. Both types can provide a quality playing surface, but most experts prefer 3-inch butcher block structures, as the lifespan is longer and they are more durable. Thinner surfaces cannot be refinished. As one might expect, the thicker butcher block tables, because of their superior quality, are more expensive.

Hardwoods, such as maple, birch, oak, and mahogany are the best materials for shuffleboard tables because they are strong and more immune to dents and dings. When the table is finished with polymer, it becomes extra-resistant to damage. For the smoothest, long-lasting finish, ensure that the shuffleboard playfield has poured-on, not sprayed-on, polymer.

For more details, see our Shuffleboard Table Buyers Guide with more tips to help you select the right table.

Recommended Shuffleboards:


9’ Grand Hudson Deluxe Hybrid Shuffleboard

As beautiful as it is durable, this shuffleboard table features a 3-inch thick playing surface constructed of hard-rock maple. The polymer finish is hand-poured and has a life-time warranty. The surrounding cradle area of the table is constructed of solid poplar and hard-rock maple, and can be finished in the customer’s choice of stains.

While it’s of the same quality professionals insist on for tournament play, it’s got some features that will make it especially suitable for youngsters. For instance, it comes with removable bumpers that close off the gutters to enable the pucks to stay in play, thus, ensuring no sad faces from the littlest players. If there is a teen-ager in the house who likes to hold late-night parties, the playing surface can be coated with a glow-in-the-dark epoxy. Get a hold of a black light set, and the shuffleboard will illuminate in the dark. Plus, the teen-ager can personalize the shuffleboard table with his or her own custom logo. Pretty cool, and what’s more, the 9’ Grand Hudson Deluxe Hybrid Shuffleboard is made in America.


16’ Ambassador Shuffleboard Table

Created by Venture for the 2000 North American Shuffleboard Championships, this shuffleboard table is so durable, it is used in both commercial and residential spaces. The company is so confident about its product; it offers a lifetime warranty on the playfield and finish. This shuffleboard features a 3-inch thick domestic maple playing surface, covered in Venture Shuffleboard’s exclusive hard clear synthetic lacquer. It also features climatic adjusters that tailor the play to your geographic location and time of year.

Hosting a child’s birthday party? Make it a shuffleboard party. The 16’ Ambassador Shuffleboard Table comes with a removable dining table top to place on top of the shuffleboard table. Once the cupcakes are eaten, remove the table top, and the games can begin.

22’ Cirrus Outdoor Shuffleboard Table

Not only will a shuffleboard induce the kids away from their phones, several models can get them outside to enjoy fresh air. The Hudson’s Cirrus was the very first outdoor shuffleboard on the market. Its all-weather material is so durable, it can be placed next to the swimming pool, and will stand up to rain, wind, sleet, and snow. Hudson backs all its playfields with a lifetime warranty.

It’s got the 3” thick table, and tournament-code 22-feet length and 20-feet width, and premium long-lasting hardwood construction. Plus, the playfield and cradle are coated with fiberglass for extreme durability. Accessories include climate adjusters and 5-inch leg levelers.

Warning: Your Home will become a Popular Hangout

Once you place a shuffleboard in your home, your home is certain to become a popular hotspot for neighborhood children. Luckily, a shuffleboard is a sturdy piece of furniture that can withstand quite a bit of rabble-rousing. The shuffleboard will help keep your kids entertained, and physically, mentally, and socially stimulated for years to come.

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