How to Adjust Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters

Shuffleboard climatic adjusters maintain the correct shape of your table for optimal playing experience. A well-made shuffleboard table should have a slight concave. Climatic adjusters are installed to ensure that weights do not fall off the side of the board and into the gutter.

Climatic Adjuster

This post was made to teach you how to adjust shuffleboard climatic adjusters.

What are Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters?

Due to changes in temperature and humidity levels, shuffleboard tables must be adjusted using climatic adjusters. Some boards come with them but you can also purchase climatic adjusters separately. Depending on the size of your shuffleboard table, you can expect to find anywhere between 4-6 climatic adjusters beneath your table. As you can imagine, a misaligned board can dramatically affect game speed and accuracy.

Essentially, shuffleboard climatic adjusters are two supporting beams that sit underneath the surface of the table and create a slight bend in the playing surface. These support beam slide on a horizontal axis and are kept in place by 4 bolts along a threaded stud. Each support beam has two bolts; one on the inside and one of the outside. You can refer to the diagram below for a visual depiction.

Testing Shuffleboard Alignment

Shuffleboard tables should be slightly concaved. To test this, place a leveler (or a straight edged object) on top of your shuffleboard table. With the correct shape, you should be able to freely slide a sheet of paper underneath the leveler at both ends of the table.

The center of your shuffleboard table (in between both players) should have a slight concave as well but not quite as much as the ends of the table. At the center, a piece of paper should have a slight catch when placed beneath the leveler. Ideally there should be some resistance at the center of your shuffleboard table.

Concave – When the middle of the table bows downward.

Convex – When the middle of the table bows upward.

How to Adjust a Shuffleboard Table

Adjusting a Convex Shuffleboard Table

If your shuffleboard table has too much of a dip in the middle, you need to decrease the distance between the climatic adjusters to create a more level surface. To adjust a concave table, loosen the 2 bolts located in between the climatic adjusters.

Then, slowly turn the 2 outer bolts in a clockwise motion to tighten. This will move the adjusters closer together, decreasing the concavity of your shuffleboard table by adding more support closer to the middle of the table.

Adjusting a Concave Shuffleboard Table

Adjusting a convex table is similar to adjusting a concave table except the instructions are opposite. Instead of decreasing the size of the dip, you are trying to increase the depth of the dip. To adjust convex tables, loosen the 2 bolts on the outside of the adjusters. Then, slowly tighten the inner bolts so that the supports grow farther apart.

When the distance between the adjusters increases, a slight bend will begin to form in the middle of the table. This will restore your shuffleboard with its original slightly concaved configuration. And there you have it! Adjusting the climatic adjusters on your shuffleboard table is as simple as that!

Watch How to Adjust Climatic Adjusters on Plank & Hide Shuffleboard Table

Learn how to adjust your Plank & Hide shuffleboard climatic adjusters from one of your experts in this short instructional video

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