Choosing the Right Playfield

There are a lot of important components of a shuffleboard table, but perhaps no single component is as important to the game as the playing surface. This means that when you look at different shuffleboard tables, you should look for what they have to say about the playfield construction. Having a nice frame and design are both desirable, but they will not impact the game as much as the playfield. When shopping for a shuffleboard table, substance beats style every time, although they are not mutually exclusive.

A phrase you will see a lot is “butcher block”. This means that the edges (the more narrow face of a piece of wood) form the outside faces of the playfield by being glued together. This creates an extremely sturdy structure. If you took a piece of wood and tried to bend it by applying pressure to the broader face, you would find that it would be pretty easy. If you flipped it so you were applying pressure to the narrower face (the edge), then it would be extremely difficult. This is why butcher block playfields are so important. They are incredibly sturdy and do not give into warping quite so easily.

Material is also a very important component for shuffleboard tables. We recommend kiln dried solid hardwood. Not only do this look better, it will hold up over time in a far superior manner. Kiln drying ensures that almost no moisture is present in the wood. Moisture can cause wood to warp if there are changes in humidity and temperature, so kiln dried hardwoods offer a high level of resistance to warping over time. The other material you want to consider is the surface coating. Most quality manufacturers use special polymers that are slick and protective. Some will even tell you how many layers they apply.

If you have more questions about table shuffleboard, our knowledgebase is here to help you. We offer plenty of indoor shuffleboard guides. Finding the right shuffleboard table for you can be a fun and exciting process, once you have the right insights.

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