Helpful Shuffleboard Organizations to Help You Get Involved

In this article you will find several great resources that will help you get involved and stay in tune with the shuffleboard community. There are many other small groups as well as small pubs and taverns that have shuffleboard tables. We’ll list these resources at the bottom of the page so you can find a spot to play if you don’t have your own table (get one!). Here are some of the main shuffleboard organizations that you should get familiar with.

Shuffle Board Organizations


Table Shuffleboard Association

Headed by President Mark Gray, the Table Shuffleboard Association is the largest table shuffleboard organization. Formerly the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame NSHF, the TSA offers Official Guidelines, historical events, and new on the latest table shuffleboard events that are going on around the country. This is a great way to get plugged in. Each region of the country is separated into individual sections so you can contact the representative in your region for more information.

Bower’s Corner

Established in 1993, Bower’s Corner has a long history with table shuffleboard in the United States. The website, Shuffleboard, is updated with the latest table shuffleboard news including Official Player Ratings for U.S. and Canadian players. The site is run by Ron & Debbie Bowers, recipients of the prestigious Sol Lipkin Award. They created the Bowers Rating Booklet which you can order on this page.


eShuffleboard publishes shuffleboard tournament results from across the United States and Canada. It’s another site that’s been around for some time now. They have news on events and gatherings so it’s a good place to check in if you’re trying to learn how to play or test your skills against talented players. Ann Harrell helps run this wonderful site and she does so on her own. You can help her manage some of the expenses associated with running the site and published tournament information/photo’s by becoming a sponsors. Click here to Support eShuffleboard!

San Francisco’s Shuffleboard League

This league is attempting to reignite a traditional game and introduce table shuffleboard to the younger generation. Previously, we covered the San Francisco Shuffleboard Renaissance on our blog. You can hop on over to this page to learn more and get involved with the San Francisco Shuffleboard League. They’ve been drumming up a buzz and are welcoming new members.

Harbor Point Club

The Harbor Point Club is a Club and Grill located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan region of Texas. We’ve added this as a resource because Harbor Point is home to weekly events and shuffleboard schedules. If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, stop on by and meet some people that enjoy the game like you do.

Shuffleboard Blog

The Shuffleboard Blog offers pages of free tips, tricks, and product reviews. This is the Official News Outlet for The blog is full of useful resources for beginners and lifetime shuffleboard players.

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