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Official Shuffleboard Tournament Rules

  1. All players shall shake hands before and after each match.
  2. All games are fifteen points unless specified otherwise.
  3. Short foul line rule is in effect.
  4. If there is no score in a frame, the hammer switches.
  5. If the leading weights in a frame are tied, (regardless of whether or not there are any other weights on the board), there is no score and the hammer changes.
  6. Any weights in question will be called by a minimum of three people, and five people in a money round or game deciding situation.
  7. Any weights in danger of falling off the end of the board may be made safe by an official at the request of any of the players involved. If a weight is made safe, any weight of the opposite color that subsequently outdistances it will not count.
  8. You may wax dry spots on the rails up to the foul line, out of the containers only, only on the end you are shooting, only when it is your shot, and only prior to the end of the frame All other re-waxing shall be done by the officials or by mutual agreement only.
  9. No drinks, cigarettes, or other foreign objects in hands or mouth while shooting.
  10. Flip for choice of hammer or color prior to the beginning of the game. For two out of three events, loser of the flip has choice on the second game, flip again in game three, if necessary.
  11. If the player that has the hammer shoots first, they loose that privilege and must complete the frame in the same rotation.
  12. Players shall be allowed to use their own weights, which must have red and blue caps. You do not have to offer your opponent the option of using your weights. However, all weights are subject to inspection by the tournament officials, who have the right to disallow weights that do not meet accepted tournament standards.
  13. Players may walk to the opposite end of the board to examine the position of the weights.
  14. No coaching of a player in a singles event by anyone. In doubles, advise may be given by a person's partner only. One warning, one point penalty per infraction thereafter. Team captains may offer advise to any members of their team.
  15. All boards will be siliconed each morning prior to the start of that days events. Subsequent spraying will be done as follows: for single game, double elimination events -- every fifteen games; for two out of three events -- every six matches; and for five out of nine events (single board) -- every three matches.
  16. The following criteria must be met for a shot to be a legal delivery: one foot must be on the ground, both feet must be behind the deuce line when the shot is delivered. Penalty for violation will be the loss of that shot. Any weights that have been knocked off or moved shall be replaced.
  17. All contestants shall show respect for the players on the board next to them.
  18. No blasting on a clear board, no warning, one point penalty.
  19. If the object weight has wax on the side which may result in a "soft" or "mush" hit, you may have an official wipe it off and respot it.
  20. No double release shots shall be permitted.
  21. Players shall stand behind their opponent while opponent is shooting, one warning then a one point penalty thereafter.
  22. No physical or verbal harassment, no warning, two point penalty.
  23. Changing weights from one board to another shall result in automatic disqualification.
  24. Tampering with or altering weights, wax, or boards, shall result in automatic disqualification.
  25. For events that are single game, double elimination: First available board, first available game format will be used. Two out of three and five out of nine events shall have pre-designated boards and starting times.
  26. No meetings at the middle of the board are allowed until one team reaches eleven points. Maximum of one meeting per frame thereafter. Maximum of one minute per meeting.
  27. Before an event starts, you may practice on any board. Once an event starts, you may not practice on the board you are scheduled to play on next.
  28. Any player not present when scheduled to play will be given a five minute grace period and then be assessed a one point per minute penalty. For doubles, if one player of a team is present, he/she will be allowed their team's practice time.
  29. More than thirty seconds between shots shall constitute slow play and will result in a one point penalty per offense.
  30. No player shall play consecutive games in the same event on the same board on the same day.
  31. Each player in singles shall have four practice weights on each end; for doubles, each player shall have four practices weights from their end; and the player or team with the hammer practices first.
  32. Prize money shall be distributed on the following basis:
#of Teams #of Places 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th-12th 13th-16th
8 or less 2 67 33                
9-12 3 58 28 14              
13-16 4 55 26 13 6            
17-24 6 52 24 12 6 3 3        
25-32 8 50 24 12 6 3 3 1 1    
33-48 12 47 23 11 5 3 3 2 2 1 1
49-64 16 46 22 11 5 2.75 2.75 1.75 1.75 1 .75

  1. All generally accepted rules of good sportsmanship shall apply.
  2. All decisions by the officials are final. Any player who makes a scene concerning an officials decision or verbally abuses the officials or tournament director are subject to disqualification.
  3. Every player should consider it his/her responsibility to report any violation of these rules to a tournament official.

These are the official rules as provided by the The Shuffleboard Federation.  They are used in sponsored tournaments, such as Reno.