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12' McCormick Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $8284.00

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14' McCormick Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $8713.00

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McCormick Shuffleboard Tables

If you are looking for an elegant, yet rustic shuffleboard for your home game room, then the McCormick shuffleboard table may be the one for you. This game table from Plank & Hide combines cross bracket trusses and steel bolts with a smokehouse fir finish to create a shuffleboard that is reminiscent of old country farmhouse architecture. It is a sturdy unit with a cozy appearance that is just as much a piece of fine furniture as it is a game table. Enjoy hours of fun and games with family and friends when you order a McCormick shuffleboard table for your home.

The McCormick shuffleboard table is available in two popular sizes: 12’ and 14’. Both are in the small to mid-size range, making them ideal for home use. If you are shopping for a commercial space, however, do not let this dissuade you—Plank & Hide shuffleboard tables are robust enough for any environment. The cabinet comes in two separate pieces to make the delivery process much easier—no need to worry about tight corners. When all the pieces are attached, you will not even be able to see the divide. The polymer-coated solid wood playfield is 3” thick by 20” wide, which is thicker than many other brands. The levelness of this playfield can be regulated using the attached heavy gauge climatic adjusters; there are four on the 12’ model and six on the 14’ one. The single-piece legs also lend additional durability to the design.

The McCormick shuffleboard table is available at an incredible value when you shop on Shuffleboard.net. Enjoy free shipping and discounts on top of the already great prices offered by the brand. The table comes with a lifetime warranty and all the elements you need to get playing: speed wax, a board sweep, two abacus scorekeepers, and eight pucks (four of each color, blue and red). A shuffleboard is a game table you will use and cherish for years to come, so be sure to stock up on silicone spray, polish, and speed wax by purchasing the deluxe maintenance kit. You can also shop other shuffleboard accessories right on our site.