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Grand Deluxe Sport

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9' Grand Deluxe Sport Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $6299.00

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12' Grand Deluxe Sport Shuffleboard Table

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14' Grand Deluxe Sport Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $9133.00

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Grand Deluxe Sport Shuffleboard Tables

The combination of the Challenger's sturdy, uni-body frame and the Grand Deluxe's design have beautifully come together in the Venture Grand Deluxe sport. With timeless 1930's aesthetics and handcrafted details, the Grand Deluxe Sport is a top-of-the-line custom made shuffleboard table. All Venture tables are in made in the USA.

Venture hits the mark once more with their original Grand Deluxe Sport Shuffleboard product line. The curved horse collars on each end of the cabinet frame give it a slick, pleasing appeal. Mid-century metro style lines brace the sides of the shuffleboard, a theme reflected in the legs, each of which has inlaid protruding pegs. Both the cabinet lines and leg pegs are in colors which provide excellent contrasts with their surroundings, accentuating the already enticing design features.

A shuffleboard requires more than looks if it's meant to last. Venture doesn't shirk on their responsibility to keep customers happy through the use of materials that extend the longevity of your game table. All cabinet and leg pieces are composed of solid woods and veneers, taken through a 6-step finishing process that displays a brilliant sheen which will endure the natural aging processes. Along with the standard Mahogany, Chestnut and Dark Walnut finishes, you also have the option of picking a custom stain.

The shuffleboard's playfield is made from durable poplar wood protected by 1.75" of Venture's signature hard, clear synthetic lacquer. Climatic adjusters will ensure that your game won't be deterred due to changing environments. Each leg has rubber padded levelers below which can be easily tweaked with a standard wrench to achieve the desired height. To increase the trust between customer and manufacturer, the Grand Deluxe Sport's cabinet pieces have a 1 year warranty, while its playfield and finish have lifetime warranties.

While other manufacturers may differ in their vision, Venture takes pride in the fact that each of their shuffleboard tables are made in the USA. You should also consider owning some accessories, such as a cover to keep the dust off your table and help your playfield last longer, while shuffleboard lights help you to play just as easily in dimly lit spaces. To remove the hassle of keeping a score sheet in plain sight at all times, a scoring unit will be your best friend.