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9' City Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $15393.00

(save 30%)


12' City Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $16193.00

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14' City Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $18476.00

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16' City Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $20851.00

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18' City Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $22454.00

(save 30%)

City Shuffleboard Tables

California House's City Shuffleboard definitely deserves top marks in all categories. They bring together all of the best qualities found in modern contemporary design, with slight transitional undertones. This intermingling of elegance and simplicity will topple down all notions of "coldness" which some attribute to modern, minimalist themes.

The legs are all part of an interconnected support system, completed through a tastefully placed wooden crossbar, which also serves to further fortify overall sturdiness and balance. You can rest assured that only exceptionally reliable hardwoods are used to construct the cabinet and frame, ensuring an enviable level of longevity.

Playfields are the most essential components of a shuffleboard, making or breaking the possibility of playing the perfect game. California House has had many years of experience constructing playfields, refining materials and methods to arrive at the wonderful pieces we see today. All-American grooved beech wood blocks comprise the field itself, while a secret polymer resin formula coats and protects it from the constant shuffling of weights.

Customization is what really pushes the City Shuffleboard Table past all of its competitors. You can pick from among an astounding 25 color finishes, a number which you'll be hard pressed to find offered by other brand names. However, that selection pales in comparison to the over 100 distinct fabric options you'll be able to choose from to cover your alley walls, floors, and collars, each of which can be from a different fabric.

With so many possibilities for personalization, your City Shuffleboard will be completely unique to match your own personal tastes.