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12' Chicago Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $18130.00

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14' Chicago Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $18720.00

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16' Chicago Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $19314.00

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18' Chicago Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $20503.00

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20' Chicago Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $21097.00

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22' Chicago Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $21691.00

(save 30%)

Chicago Shuffleboard Tables

Add a touch of Art Decor elegance to your entertainment space with Venture's custom-built Chicago Shuffleboard table! Years of shuffleboard knowledge and commitment to craftsmanship have come together in the Chicago to deliver a table that merges 1930's glamour with 21st century functionality, making it ideal for both formal living rooms and high end game rooms. All Venture tables are customizable and made in the USA.

Glitz, glamor, fashion, parties and Prohibition; the 1920s in America saw an explosion of style and entertainment, something that Venture's Chicago Shuffleboard Table captures perfectly. Metro lines, symmetrical shapes, and stark color contrasts pay the perfect homage to the Art Deco movement which took the United States by storm after World War 1.

Its legs have rounded edges, with vertical line trimmings in contrasting shades, naturally accentuating the color of the finish. All structural components, including the legs, cabinet, frame, and collars are constructed from dense hardwoods, which ensure that your table has a long and healthy life. Readily available finishes include Cherry, Mahogany, Red Oak and Poplar with Curley Maple side rails, but you can also order your own custom stain!

A shuffleboard is only as good as its playfield. For maximum durability, the Chicago has a 3" thick playing surface, with Venture's signature exclusive hard clear synthetic lacquer protecting the wooden field below for a natural boost to its longevity. It also comes equipped with climatic adjusters below, so you can modify the playfield according to the surrounding environment.

Venture's Chicago shuffleboard is one of its most versatile tables. With the addition of a dining table cover, one piece of furniture turns into an elegant multi-functional centerpiece. To fit almost any set of room dimensions, this shuffleboard tables comes in 12', 14', 16', 18', 20', and 22' sizes.

Additional items are also ready for you to order, including shuffleboard lights, scoring units, and dust covers. Also, if you truly care about the wellbeing of your table, you must keep a fully stocked maintenance kit at the ready for regular fine-tuning.