Venture Shuffleboard: Brand/Manufacturer Spotlight

Heritage. Legacy. Tradition. Each of these words represent both the American way and the American small business. Venture Shuffleboard Tables are a prime example of the kind of quality and dedication to craftsmanship that emerge when a company commits itself to honoring American heritage, family legacies, and shuffleboard traditions.

Made in U.S.A.

First started in 1997, Venture launched with one goal: To create superior American made shuffleboards tables that honor the history of shuffleboard gaming in the US through vintage-inspired designs and unwavering attention to detail. Venture did not only set their sights on the professional shuffleboard world. Their desire to be the best shows through in the amatuer world as well, giving the average player access to unparalleled handmade quality and elegant styling. The Grand Deluxe is just one of many Venture tables. Its design is recognizable to shuffleboard players across the US and has been around since the 1930s.

Venture Grand Deluxe Shuffleboard Table
A True Throwback, The Grand Deluxe starts at $5,395.
Grand Deluxe Venture Shuffleboard Cabinet
A close up shot of solid wood cabinet on the Grand Deluxe.

What Really Makes Venture Different?

American Operated. Family Owned. The combination of domestic construction and old fashioned family work ethic have allowed Venture to set itself apart from the rest. The US is dominated by companies that rely on foreign labor to cut costs, often sacrificing quality in the process. With Venture you get a table that is designed and created through sound and reliable American craftsmanship. The craftsmen at Venture are both experts and lovers of the game.

Venture Table Features

  • Handcrafted in Georgia, USA.
  • Built with All American Domestic Parts
  • Solid American Hardrock Maple Playing fields
  • Coated with Venture Shuffleboard’s Exclusive Hard Clear Synthetic Lacquer
  • Lifetime Warranty on Playfield and Finish
  • Cabinet Is Constructed of Solid Hardwoods
  • Table Gutters Are Tongued and Grooved into Frame for Maximum Strength
  • Venture’s Premier 6 step Finishing Process

Venture is also known for pushing the envelope with innovative styling. The Saratoga is a perfect example of a beautiful shuffleboard table with a little edge, which includes Alumicap Weights (4 red, 4 blue), Triple Crown Yellow Ice wax and Maintenance Kit, rules and ‘how to play’ information.

Saratoga Shuffleboard Table by Venture
Get High Adirondack Style with The Saratoga, starting at $6,995.00.
Saratoga Shuffleboard Table Close Up
Fine details go into crafting the cabinet of the Venture Shuffleboard Table. The techniques used by Venture has been passed down from many generations of expert shuffleboard craftsmen.

Who is Venture For?

The real answer is everyone. Whether you’re looking to add the entertainment provided by the game of shuffleboard to your home, hotel, or bar, Venture has you covered. The Classic Coin is one example of Venture’s versatility. This table gives a nod to Vintage Danish Modern style with neutral wood tones, making it perfect for blending with any decor. The coin operation feature means you get to add a classic American game to your business and make some cash!

Coin Operated Shuffleboard Table
Perfect for Making Money while Having Fun, The Classic Coin starts at $4,995.

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