Three Things to Look for in a Quality Shuffleboard Table

It is a common error that in order to be smart about your money, you have to spend less of it. I suppose the opposite sentiment is also untrue, that in order to get good quality, you have to spend the most money. The thin line you have to walk is value. Is your purchase a good investment? When it comes to shuffleboard tables, there are a few things you should look for when buying a table that can indicate whether or not the table is really worth the money.

1. Solid Wood Construction
Not only do solid woods look much better than manufactured woods, they also stand up better over time. MDF with laminate is not easy to cover up once damaged. If the laminated gets scratched, it cannot simply be painted over. Solid wood cabinets can be sanded or refinished if necessary. The appearance is also an important factor. You should not have to pay for an eyesore. A solid wood shuffleboard table is a good investment.

2. Climatic Adjusters
Any piece made out of wood, manufactured or otherwise, is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. Moisture causes wood to swell, and dryness causes it to shrink. The playfield on a shuffleboard table is everything. In order to keep it true, climatic adjusters help compensate for mother nature. Environmental changes have long term impact, which makes shuffleboard tables with this feature another smart choice.

3. Lifetime Warranty on the Play Surface
The play surface is arguably the most important part of the table. Buying from a trusted manufacturer with a lifetime warranty on the play surface is a good move. Most of these types of tables come with thick layers of polymer for a really smooth playfield. These manufacturers really put their money where their mouth is. Chances are, a lifetime warranty means that they are already giving you a great play surface to begin with.