Buyer’s Guide to Shuffleboard Weights

Table shuffleboard weights determine game play and how challenging the game is. The size of your table determines the size of weight you will need. Whether you’ll be playing casual games or buying for tournament play, having the right size weights enhances the game experience. Challenge yourself with high quality weights. As the experts on shuffleboards, has a few tips on shopping for shuffleboard weights. Use our guide to get you started.

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What to Consider

Table Size

Table size is the most important factor in determining what size weights you need. Generally, home shuffleboards tend to be between 9 and 14’ long and 18” wide. For this sized table, you will need medium sized weights. Medium weights measure in at 2 1/8”. Large weights are 2 5/16” and are best suited for commercial sized shuffleboard tables. Any table larger than 16 feet should be used with large weight.  As always, any shuffleboard table should be placed with about three feet of space around all sides for safety and the best gameplay.

Using properly sized weights means that players have the opportunity to develop skill and be properly challenged. Players must use strategic control to direct the weight accurately.

Shuffleboard weight by table size:

  • Medium 2 1/8” weight = 9-14’table
  • Large 2 5/16” weight= 16-22’ table

Casual or Tournament Play

In order to play in a tournament, your table must be the regulation size of 22’ long and 20” wide Tournament weights are 2 5/16” in diameter and must weigh about 12 oz. If you are not planning to host official tournaments, you have more leeway with shuffleboard size and your weight choice. The longer and wider your table is, the more important it is to have large sized weights. Small weights on a long, wide table will make the game unchallenging.

Styles of Indentation

Weights are indented on the top, for better grip. There are different styles of indentations, some have grooves all around the edge, while others have few or none.  New players might enjoy fully grooved weights. If want to start playing in tournaments, look for a set that comes in a convenient carrying case.

Shuffleboard Tables and Accessories

If you are purchasing weights for a high traffic table, such as hotel or bar, it would be wise to purchase an extra set of weights. Keep extra weights stored out of the way, but easily accessible, such as in a cabinet, just in case any go missing. This way, a misplaced weight won’t stall guests’ enjoyment. Even for home play, keeping extra weights lets you keep the game going when you’ve misplaced a weight or two.

Once you’ve determined the best weights for your shuffleboard, be sure to stock up on maintenance accessories to keep your table in top shape. Add to the fun with a bowling pin set. carries the finest selection of designer shuffleboards at amazing prices. We offer a price match guarantee and free shipping! See our full catalogue to find your next shuffleboard. Contact our sales team with any questions you have about our products.

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