Shuffleboard Caps: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Shuffleboard caps are an essential part of your shuffleboard accessory bag because they make your pucks last longer by reducing wear and tear. Shuffleboard caps are protective surfaces that attach to your shuffleboard weight. Any serious table shuffleboard player should have a few in their accessory bag.

Shuffleboard Caps Have Three Purposes

Shuffleboard Caps

Venture Aluminum Shuffleboard Caps. $329.95 for a set of 8.

1) Ergonomic Design – The main benefit of having a shuffleboard cap is that it allows you to have a better grip on your shuffleboard weight. Shuffleboard caps give you’re firm control over your shots.

2) Extended Durability – Shuffleboard caps protect your weights from scratches, dings, and dents. Damage can occur when you knock another player’s puck out of position. Having shuffleboard caps add a protective surface to make sure that your pucks last longer.

3) Visual Identification – You can easily spot your weight on the table. No more having to fight over whose puck is whose. By attaching a shuffleboard cap to your weights, you’ll instantly be able to tell which weights are yours.

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