Shuffleboard Bowling and TableBowl Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard has seen a resurgence of popularity over the past few years. The beauty of a well-crafted shuffleboard table adds entertainment and aesthetic value to any home or business. If you own a shuffleboard table already, you may have considered ways to add to the experience, like shuffleboard bowling. What is shuffleboard bowling? Like ten-pin bowling, shuffleboard bowling is a target sport featuring ten wooden pins. Forget the rental shoes and heavy bowling ball, though.  Shuffleboard bowling is played with miniature wooden pins and standard shuffleboard weights. When browsing for shuffleboard accessories, you may also see TableBowl shuffleboard . Let’s break down the differences between shuffleboard bowling and TableBowl Shuffleboard, so you can decide which sport you’d like to add to your game room.

Knock out Bowling Pins with Shuffleboard Pucks
Knock out TableBowl pins with TableBowl bowling ball

How to Play Shuffleboard Bowling
Shuffleboard bowling sets usually include 10 miniature pins, a triangular pin setter, and a rule book. To set up a game, first place the pin setter at one end of the table, then set up the pins. If you’ve bowled before, you’ll have the basics down for shuffleboard bowling. Strikes, spares, and  gutter “ball”  all apply to shuffleboard bowling. Your puck serves as the bowling ball, so be sure to apply a generous amount of wax to the table before playing.

Keep a score sheet handy if your set did not come with one. Once your pins are set up, each player gets two chances to knock down all the pins. If a player hits a full strike, they earn an additional play. A full game of shuffleboard bowling is ten frames, or rounds long. For more detailed rules, check out this shuffleboard bowling blog post.

TableBowl Shuffleboard
TableBowl is played nearly identically to shuffleboard bowling with one key difference: the ball. TableBowl includes a proportionately sized bowling ball so that you can get your spin just right. Bowling enthusiasts will love TableBowl. The other difference between shuffleboard bowling and TableBowl Shuffleboard is the pin size. TableBowl is available in two sizes, medium and large, to suit your shuffleboard length and width. The accompanying pins are larger than shuffleboard bowling pins, but still proportional to the table so that they do not spill over the sides. The pins are made of hard maple, just like standard size bowling pins. The downsized resin bowling ball is 3″ for the medium set and 3-3/4″ for the large set.

Our Shuffleboard Bowling and TableBowl Picks

  • Solid Wood Bowling Pins with Pin Setter
    This classic shuffleboard bowling set is an ideal for home use. Using your weights, take turns knocking over the pins. Play as many rounds as you want, with no time limit. Simple, stylish, and easy to play, this shuffleboard bowling set is soon to be a family favorite.
  • Bowling Pins Set with Case
    Take your bowling on the go with this clever case! The carrying case packs up neatly for travel and storage, with slots for the pin setter and 10 shuffleboard bowling pins.
  • TableBowl Shuffleboard Set
    For the real feel of the bowling ball spinning down the lane, this TableBowl set has everything you need to get the game going. The specialty pins are designed proportionally to fit with your shuffleboard table,  with medium and large options.
    Bowling is just the beginning of the fun you can have with your shuffleboard. Explore our collection of customizable shuffleboards, deluxe accessories, and outdoor shuffleboards for your home, business, and gifting ideas.

Shuffleboard Basics for Buying and Playing