Hudson Shuffleboard Tables: Brand Spotlight

When you hear the name Will Hudson, you might only think of American baseball powerhouses the New York Mets or the Cincinnati Reds. However, Will Hudson is also the man behind one of the fastest growing shuffleboard table manufacturers in the world: Hudson Shuffleboard Tables.

As a professional baseball player Hudson was able to travel throughout the United States, from our big cities to our small towns. While travelling Hudson noticed something, a lack of shuffleboard tables and a lack of individuals enjoying a historically significant sport. This led Hudson to create a company dedicated to handcrafted, USA made, affordable shuffleboard tables.

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Hudson shuffleboard tables offer both timeless designs and tables with a modern and unique twist. The wide variety of Hudson styles ensures you’ll be able to find a table that seamlessly matches your existing decor. While Hudson is big on style, they never skimp on quality. Hudson shuffleboard tables are used in professional tournaments as well as in homes and bars across the US by hardcore shuffleboard enthusiasts.

Hudson Metro Shuffleboard Table

Want to play the classic game of shuffleboard with a modern edge? Meet Hudson’s Metro Shuffleboard Table 

What Makes Hudson’s Quality Unique?

At Hudson they are committed to building the highest quality playing surfaces possible. Each Hudson playing surface is constructed of hand-selected rock-hard maple. Hudson prides itself on the fact that these playing surfaces are glued and milled entirely in-house. A specific detail found only on Hudson shuffleboards is the planks which are finger-jointed lengthwise. SelectHudson tables also feature maple pieces which have been inlayed on the bottom of the board.

Hudson Dominator Shuffleboard Table

The Dominator is one of Hudson’s most beautiful tables and features the inlaid maple mentioned above. $14,499.00

Hudson’s Green Approach

Hudson has chosen to use maple wood from only local suppliers in order to reduce emissions and support local businesses. This contributes to Hudson’s overall goal of making sure they produce some of the highest quality US made shuffleboard tables in the industry. Equally important to the wood source and table construction is the sealing.

Hudson Shuffleboard Table Features:

  • Sides and Bottom of the Tables Are Sealed with Hudson’s Exclusive Polymer
  • Hudon Never Uses Wood that Isn’t Dry.
  • Each Playing Surface Features “True” 90-Degree Edges.
  • Hudson Pours the Epoxy Finish with Climatic Adjusters Attached to the Table.

Hudson’s dedication to American craftsmanship, unbeatable prices, and eye-catching designs truly make them a brand for everyone. Consistently ranked one of the best manufactures in the world by the pros, each Hudson table is guaranteed to impress you and your guests for years. So if you’re looking to become more involved in a classic game, support local American business, and provide your family with endless fun, Hudson Shuffleboards is your answer.

Hudson Metro Shuffleboard Table Lifestyle Shot

12′ Metro Shuffleboard Table. 

Where to Buy Hudson Shuffleboard Tables carries all Hudson Shuffleboard Tables at the lowest prices and has worked closley with Will Hudson and his company for years to ensure each Hudson table purchased is brought to you with all the custom details you need. With free shipping and price match guarantees, there is no better option when it comes to purchasing a Hudson table.

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