How to Receive Oversized Shuffleboard Tables

New shuffleboard tables come in all sizes from modest 9’ tables to oversized 22’ tables. For large rooms and open spaces, you want an oversized table. After all, the longer the table, the more challenging the game is! How do you get 22’ shuffleboard table inside your house or business, though? Oversized tables need special care to make sure everything goes according to plan and nobody gets hurt. Today, we’re going to go through the steps of receiving and unloading an oversized shuffleboard table.

Completely Assembled Shuffleboard

Safety First

  • Never try to unload a shuffleboard table by yourself, no matter the size. You will need 3-4 strong friends to help you.
  • If you have a back, knee, or shoulder injury be extra cautious when lifting or moving heavy equipment. Always bend down to lift a heavy object, rather than lifting it up from the floor.
  • Measure all the spaces you will have to pass through with the shuffleboard, including doorways to make sure you have enough space. Clear out clutter, wall décor, and excess furniture to prevent minor accidents.
  • Wear work gloves to prevent splinters and hand fatigue.
  • Use dollies to move heavy items when you can.
  • Read all instructions before assembly.


Prior to delivery, the local shipping company will call you to coordinate a delivery day. It is extremely important to schedule the delivery with you, so that you can ask arrange for help ahead of time. It’s best to have about 4 strong friends available to help you with the heavy lifting and assembly. You do not want to be stuck with a heavy shuffleboard table in your parking lot or lobby.

Assuming you do not have a fork lift, you will need to lift your oversized shuffleboard table off the truck manually. Working together with the delivery driver and paying close attention is the best way to prevent injury and damage to the table. The liftgate of most delivery trucks is too short to help with the oversized wooden pallet.                                                                                    

The delivery driver will push the oversized pallet to the rear opening of the freight truck. From there, two people will need to pull half of the pallet forward and set it on the ground. Then, they will need to go to the rear of the pallet to lift the back half off the truck and onto the ground.

Unpacking and Assembly

Once the pallet is on the ground, ask the drive to borrow their pallet jack to either move the pallet for storage, or to an empty space for unpacking and assembly. Open the crating and boxes in front of the driver to inspect all contents. This is to ensure that there is no concealed damage from shipping. Look for punctures from forklifts, smashed pieces, and crush damage. If you notice shipping damage contact customer service as soon as possible, with detailed, clear pictures of any shipping damage and remember to notate “visible freight damage” where the delivery driver asks you to sign for the shipment.  We will help you get things sorted out as quickly as possible.

If everything in your order is correct, with no missing or damaged pieces, you can go ahead with assembly. Read all instructions before beginning assembly. Once assembled, your first tournament can begin!

Delivery Examples
If you live in a rural area with a long driveway, you will need to meet the delivery driver at the end of the driveway. You will need to use a truck and trailer like this one to bring your oversized shuffleboard up to your home. Keep this in mind when scheduling your delivery date.

Rural Area Delivery Example

Crating Examples
22’ Shuffleboard table post-delivery, with original crating and custom pallet. A table this length can only be offloaded from a truck via fork lift or with the help of at least 4 adults.

22’ Shuffleboard table post-delivery, with original crating and custom pallet

Now that you’ve got the knowhow, go ahead and pick out your perfect oversized shuffleboard table. Complete your ultimate home game room, arcade, or lounge with a challenging shuffleboard table that will last a lifetime. Shipping is always on us, but did you know we also offer installation service? Simply add the service to your order and you won’t have to lift a finger. Make your shuffleboard dreams come true with our full selection of luxury shuffleboards, outdoor shuffleboard tables, accessories, and everything in between.

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