Best Shuffleboard Silicone Spray and How to Use It

A major aspect of owning a shuffleboard table is maintenance. In addition to putting away the weights after each game, there’s regular dusting, sweeping, and polishing that needs to be done. Once that’s finished, there’s also silicone spray, and other implements.

Why use silicone spray? What is silicone spray used for? Silicone spray for shuffleboards is key to making each game better than the last. Silicone spray provides a slick, smooth surface for pucks to glide on, and for wax to adhere to. The silicone also protects the beautiful playing surface from puck damage. A shuffleboard table is more than a game; it’s an heirloom piece that can be loved and used for years to come, but only with proper care. That’s why silicone spray is so important to use on shuffleboard tables.

At, we love sharing our passion for the sport with our customers. Today, we’re going to explore some options for silicone spray, how to apply silicone spray, and where to buy silicone spray.

Deluxe Shuffleboard Maintenance Kit

Best Silicone Sprays For Sale

The shuffleboard table market is exploding, with options to suit every style and budget, but silicone spray for shuffleboards is a relatively small market. Since there’s not a whole lot of competition, how do you choose the best silicone spray? First, make sure you’re buying a silicone spray intended for shuffleboards. Next, look for reviews, ratings, and top sellers on websites, like We’ve picked out a few of our favorite silicone sprays for sale to share with you!

Triple Crown is our favorite silicone spray brand. This deluxe kit, that we recommend to all shuffleboard table owners includes polish, silicone spray, and powdered speed wax so your table will always be gleaming and ready to play. Silicone spray is used after cleaning with polish or liquid wax. One small spray of the silicone provides a consistent base, meaning you’ll use less powdered wax. Weights glide smoothly with Triple Crown silicone spray.

Sun-Glo’s pro series silicone spray provides precise spray control, aides in keeping your table smooth, prevents overuse of powder wax. This odorless silicone spray is especially great to use with an older shuffleboard table that needs a little bit of extra glide.

Reduce puck tracking and extend the life of powdered wax with this silicone spray. Game Room Guys silicone spray is safe and  simple to use with a thicker texture and easy-spray can. There is a strong scent with this silicone spray, so be cautious when using in a smaller room.

How to Use Silicone Spray

Applying shuffleboard silicone may seem straightforward, but there is a process that should be followed. Brush off any dust, old wax, and debris from the shuffleboard table a soft microfiber cloth. If you have a specific shuffleboard polish or cleaner, use that before silicone spray, working in small sections. Otherwise, a gentle multipurpose cleaner or glass cleaner can be used. Be sure to do a test patch before spraying your beautiful shuffleboard table down with a new cleaner! Next, spray silicone in a sweeping motion across the entire shuffleboard play surface. Once the surface is covered, let sit for at least 10 minutes before buffing away excess with a clean towel. After the table has been sprayed with silicone, your choice of shuffleboard wax can be applied. The combination of silicone spray and shuffleboard wax keeps the game table smooth and playable, with just the right amount of resistance.

Can regular silicone sprays be used on shuffleboard tables? The short answer is no. Shuffleboard tables are specially treated and designed to have a certain grip and slide. Using another spray, not designed for shuffleboard use could potentially damage the playing surface. Other silicone sprays, such as ones you might find at the automotive supply store or a food-grade silicone, might make the shuffleboard table too slick.  Always use a silicone spray that is intended for use on shuffleboard tables.

Now that you’ve got the silicone spray basics down, is your shuffleboard table in need of some TLC? Give your shuffleboard table a good polish and wax, then call up your buddies for a mini tournament. Need to stock up first? Check out our shuffleboard accessories for extra weights, maintenance products, and even shuffleboard bowling sets!

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