3 Reasons to Love 9′ Shuffleboard Tables

One of the great things about table shuffleboard is that there are so many different types of tables available. From rustic, to traditional, to modern, you can pretty much find a table for any place where people want to play shuffleboard. These game tables don’t just stop there. Shuffleboard table are available in a lot of different sizes, too. Sure, the pros typically use a full 22 foot shuffleboard table, but I have to say there are a lot of good reasons to love shorter shuffleboard tables. In fact, to prove my point, I’m going to give you three reasons why I love 9′ shuffleboard tables.


Not every rec room or pool hall has room for a twenty-odd foot behemoth. A 9 shuffleboard table can fit almost anywhere! That means more room for other games in your home game room, or if you are business, more room for other shuffleboard tables! I’ve played on longer tables in a pool hall before, and let me tell you, after the third time of elbowing past patrons and dodging rogue pool cues, it was plenty annoying to switch sides during a game. Not to mention if you ever need to move the thing, you will be able to without it becoming a doctorate level engineering problem. They are easier to clean and maintain as well.


“But the pros use longer tables!” Well, not everyone is a pro. Shorter tables are more accessible and less intimidating for new players and kids. Even skilled players can appreciate a 9 foot shuffleboard table. Table shuffleboard is part control, aim, and power. A 9 footer really emphasizes control. Use slower speed wax/powder and practice the deliberateness of your shots. Most new players send the weights flying off the table, so if you really want to separate yourself from the newbies, control is a good part of your game to practice.


Almost all the top brands offer 9 ft shuffleboard tables! This means you can get a quality constructed table without destroying your game room budget. People who like shuffleboard, but do not play religiously, can get a lot of fun out of a shorter table while not dropping crazy amounts of cash to do so. Of course, if you play a lot, investing in a larger table can still make you happier in the long run. Remember, play the way you want, and buy a table that fits!