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9' Austin Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $14254.00

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12' Austin Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $14907.00

(save 30%)


14' Austin Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $16346.00

(save 30%)


16' Austin Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $18546.00

(save 30%)


18' Austin Shuffleboard Table

Original Price $20033.00

(save 30%)

Austin Shuffleboard Tables

An original design like California House's Austin Shuffleboard perfectly reflects how decades of reinvention often lead to exceptional results. Following the influences of modern contemporary styles, this table makes the most of varying angles and straight lines, transforming itself into a work of art. Slanting legs radiate out from beneath the center of the playfield like sunrays, offering a balanced, yet intriguingly eclectic support system which proves that sacrificing style for overall stability isn't a choice you have to make.

Instead of using industry-standard maple, the 2.25" thick playfield is composed of grooved hard rock solid beech wood, something which once again shows how California House is willing to go the distance and be different if it means greater player satisfaction.

You'll be hard pressed to find a manufacturer that cares more about individuality than California House. In regards to wooden surfaces, you have 27 finishes to choose from, including "Espresso Maple" and "Old English Oak." And that's just the tip of the iceberg, because shuffleboard alley floors, alley walls, and horsecollars can be covered in any of the 107 fabric and leather selections. With so many different possible combinations, your table will surely be completely unique; something that encapsulates all of your personality in a single game table.

California House is a manufacturer that knows how important careful inspection is to ensure absolute perfection, which is why everything comes from domestic sources, and all proudly made in the USA. The Austin Shuffleboard Table comes in 9', 12', 14', 16', and 18' sizes, so you can fit them in both relatively small spaces as well as in larger rooms, where it would make an excellent centerpiece.